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How to Correct a Business Mistake: AKA the KFC Debacle

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Mistakes happen in marketing and business. One of the most common mistakes come through email. Getting a double email, the wrong email, or an email with a special code that doesn’t work. Correcting this is simple, you send out another email with a mix of apologies and humor–“Ooops! We sent you the wrong email! Here’s a shiny new 15% off code just for you. Thanks for your understanding!” However, some mistakes are bigger than this, like say, not having essential ingredients to your business–literally. Read More

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Facebook Ads Tips to Keep You From Exploding

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We might have mentioned it before, but Facebook Ads Manager is super frustrating. Even Facebook representatives and experts don’t dare go into Ads Manager–it’s only for the brave. Notorious for constantly updating things without telling anyone how to use the new updates, Facebook Ads Manager gives many marketers a sense of dread. Good news, there are new and workable solutions! Read More

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Speed Up Your AMP Ad Game With Render on Idle

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Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) team has just launched a handy new feature called Render on Idle. This feature is designed to increase ad impressions per page by speeding up ad load time when a user isn’t taking any action in a browser. What a great step towards helping businesses retain the youngest generation of mobile browser users. This is yet another feature that can help the internet reach the apex of the “I need it now” mindset.  Read More