How to Identify and Avoid Spam in Local Results

How to Identify and Avoid Span in Local Results

Many businesses try to take advantage of Google’s local search algorithm by using underhanded tactics to try to improve their rankings. As a result, users are often spammed and become frustrated. Learn about these spam tactics here, how to identify them, and how to avoid them. 

Local Business Listings Spam

False Business Listings

You may have seen these fake listings yourself in the Maps results. Turn The Page uses white-hat SEO techniques; we believe in putting in hard work and diligence to improve your online listings. Fake business listings are examples of black-hat SEO spam that is designed simply to rank and gain leads. Google began their Google Guaranteed program to help customers identify real businesses and avoid spam in their searches. Report this business listings spam to Google if you find that it links to an illegitimate business.

Review Spam

Google puts a lot of stock into reviews. Recently, they have stopped allowing anonymous reviews in an effort to more tightly control reviews that end up on business listings. Businesses may still experience spam as Google finds the best way to regulate reviews, even without the anonymity. Right now, people are able to leave good reviews on their own business and leave poor reviews on their competitor’s listings. Google wants customers to have an honest view of the businesses that appear in their search. If a spammy review ends up on your listing, review Google’s guidelines and find out how to get the review removed.

Business Names

A lot of weight is given to business names in the Google realm. There is a massive problem now, though, with businesses abusing keywords in their business name in an effort to rank higher. Some businesses will use keywords in their listing, but the name on their GMB will not match the name on their website, which is counts as spam. Your listings may be flooded with businesses that don’t quite match your search, but they appeared because they had the right keywords in their name.

What Can You Do to Prevent Spam?

Google is emphasizing the importance of local listings more than ever. The mobile revolution has taught us that customers want to know about local businesses instantly. They need the best possible information. Spam prevents correct information from reaching customers. Turn The Page recommends making sure your listings are up-to-date and maintained with white-hat SEO techniques. Trust professionals to keep your information current online, not underhanded, sneaky tactics.

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