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Stay in or be Social? Choosing the Right Blogging Platform for Your Business

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Thinking of starting your own blog, but worried the platform you choose might go the way of the dinosaurs? Or are you concerned that no one will read your content if it’s placed on your own website?

Exactly where to start your blog is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly or made hastily. With so many choices — integrating a blog on your own site, using an external blogging platform, or using new long-form options in social media — it’s key to understand and weigh all the benefits and drawbacks.

Is it best for your business to have an internal blog, ensuring more content is housed on your site, or more beneficial to place content on external platforms in hopes of increasing exposure?

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There are both pros and cons of being a homebody (internal blogs) vs. being a little more social (external platforms or long-form social options).

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Learning Facebook: Insights and Out

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Very soon Facebook will be launching the new Page Insights, specifically designed for Page Owners who use Facebook as a marketing tool to measure the size and engagement of their audience. With the new Insights information easily accessible, Page Owners will be able to see how their posts, blogs, questions, ‘likes’ and fans affect the total marketing performance of their businesses and services page.

What You Need to Know About Insights

The Insights information will be collected and provided in four metrics:

  • Total Likes – The number of people who like your Page
  • Friends of Fans – The number of people who are friends with your fans, including your current fans
  • People Talking About This – The number of people who have created a story about your Page in the last seven days
  • Weekly Total Reach – The number of people who have seen any content associated with your Page in the last seven days

The data will be available in the dashboard of the page or can be exported to the file formats .xls and .csv and can be selected within the date range you choose. The two metrics, Total Likes and People Talking About This will be visible to anyone visiting any Page so it is key to keep up with regular posting and engaging with Fans, because everyone will see!

Publishing Strategy

As important as it is to stay interacted with Fans and to be consistent about posting blogs, pictures, questions, etc, it is just as important to know what the Fans are most interested in that you share with them. With the new Page Insights, there is a section designated to your posts and the feedback from Fans. Here the post and date of the post will be listed along with:

  • Reach – the number of people who have seen your post
  • Engaged Users – the number of people who have clicked anywhere on your post
  • Talking About This  – the number of people who have created a story – linking, commenting, sharing, answering a question, responding to an event –  from your Post
  • Virality – the number of people who have created a story from your Page post as a percentage of the people who have seen it

The information from this section, also available in graphs, will help narrow in on what is most interesting to the Fan and what they engage in the most whether it be posts about topics of the industry, pictures of products, questions asked of an opinion, etc. There is no end to what you can provide your Fans and from this Page Insights data, you will now know what is the most effective at catching their attention, specifically to your Page.

Know Your Audience

Page Insights will also have tabs: ‘Fans’, ‘Reach’, and ‘Talking About This’ that will allow Page Owners to learn more about who is interested in their page by not only their preferences in your activity but to where your Fans are located. The tabs will allow insight into who your fans are as to demographics and location. The fans are broken down into six age categories, gender as well as countries, cities, and languages and further categorized into the tabs:

  • Fans Tab – who your fans are and how you acquired them. Page ‘likes’ are broken into the categories New Likes, Unlikes, and Like Sources: on your page itself, the news feed, ticker story, ads or sponsored stories, Facebook recommendations, mobile devices, other pages that like your page, timeline edit, page browser, like box or like button, new user wizard, admin registration, and admin invite.
  • Reach Tab – who you are reaching and how you did so whether the organic, paid or viral channels. A frequency graph available shows number of people who saw your Page in last seven days and how many times during the day. A ‘Visits to Your Page’ graph breaks visits into two categories: total number of page views and unique visitors.
  • Talking About This Tab  – helps the Page Owner understand who is talking about their Page and what types of stories are being told to friends. The graphs ‘Talking About This’ and ‘Viral Reach’ show the number of unique people who have created or published a story by a friend about your Page for last seven days, within a selected date range.

Using This Information Wisely

There is going to be a whole lot of data available to Page Owners who use Facebook as a vital part of their online marketing campaign. Using this information wisely, as well as often, is not only going to boost their presence on the popular social media site but ensure that when Fans are seeing their Page, they are seeing the content that matters the most to what they care about.


A Digital Checklist for Your Business Startup

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When launching your small business startup, you likely know you need a strong web presence, but you’re lost on where to start. Have no fear, Turn The Page Online Marketing is here! We’ve prioritized the steps you need to take while establishing your business startup’s presence in the online marketing world.

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5 Tips for using Facebook in your Small Business

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There are many advantages of using Facebook for a business, it is free advertising and helps promote a business with personal recommendations from friends. Here are 5 tips to help promote online for the new user or those not sure how to take advantage of this resource.
Tip 1- Time management
Being on Facebook is an essential to your business but it is also can be a time sucker. How many times have we gotten on to work and an hour half later we have done one thing? Because we answered messages, chatted with our sister in law an hour away and commented on about 15 statuses. Set a timer, if you are at work. A timer can be handy if you aren’t at work; 20 min to work on your business site and then go to your personal site. You should devote one to two hours a week to work on your social media.
Tip 2-Personalize your BUSINESS site
One mistake that small businesses will make is using their personal Facebook for their business instead of making a business page. As the internet shifts more towards SEO (search engine optimization) your business needs to have its own page. Of course you want all your friends and family to like your business but you want to be establishing a Page that holds information about just your industry. Why I say industry is because you want to use Facebook to be a source of information, sharing information with you customers will help establish trust and takes the pressure that you are just trying to sale them something. Share information about what your company is doing to help the community or information about employers. Making your site more personal leaves what I have termed “invisible stamp” so that next time someone is need they will remember your company because they will feel a connection with your company.
Tip 3-Places
Make sure to add your business as a place on Facebook so that when people come in they can checkin to your business. When people see that the places their friends are checking into they will be either reminded of your location or if they haven’t heard of it they may ask questions about it.
Tip 4-Blogging
Another good way to personalize you business page is to blog. You can add information for your customers or clients in length and then link it back to your Facebook Business Page. Using a tool like HootSuite that lets you write blogs and then schedule them to be released may help with time management. How this used is you can write 3 or 4 blogs in one setting and then schedule those to be released every day or once a week. We would encourage you to blog a minimum of once a week.
Tip 5-Interactaction
Be involved with the users on your facebook page. If you put information out and people ask questions, make sure to answer them or share how you can help in their needs. Remember you are branding yourself so you want users to know you care about their needs, not just your own.

Small Business Saturday

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We love this local business movement in its second year. It should be called “local” not small but the initiative is an excellent one. Driven by American Express it provides a focal point for leading customers to local businesses.  Held on the Saturday after Black Friday.  This is a day when we can all celebrate shopping local and support local business owners in our area.  American Express is providing access to free tools we recommend for growing your business.

The move toward local business is not just on the Saturday after Black Friday. Local business has opportunity every day of the year. Smart phones and location technology online are driving a local revolution. Online search is turning more and more local. People don’t just want to know who has the product or service they are looking for – they want to know who has it close by.

Are you taking advantage of this beneficial shift? What can you do to get ready?

Are you engaging with your customers? Generating contact on Facebook, Twitter or through a regular email.

Is your business listed online? Claim you business on Google Places, Bing Business Portal and Yahoo Local Listings.

Add a lot of pictures, videos of your business. Create amazing offers and publish online.

Its a fun and exciting time to be a local business and Turn The Page is absolutely thrilled to be part of the journey with so many great small business owners.