How to Stay Afloat After the Facebook Algorithm Update

How to Stay Afloat After the Facebook Algorithm Update

Every time we log onto Facebook, there is another update and it’s to be expected now. However, sometimes they go overboard and screw things up; whether it be changing navigation, interface, or adding emoji reactions (why?????). This time they are trying to help get rid of fake news, but instead of creating an algorithm to filter it out by keywords, location, content, etc. they’ve decided to push businesses to the background and prioritize friend and family content. 

Facebook Algorithm Update

This latest algorithm update reduces the number of posts from business pages, publishers, and news sites in a user’s newsfeed. Instead, content that is inciting engagement and conversation from people’s Facebook connections will be prioritized. More people have been leaving Facebook in the past year or so because they find the content less than enticing and the fake news and negative propaganda too annoying to deal with. Remember, Facebook is a business (a business that started as an ad-free zone), and if there is no one using the platform advertisers won’t want to spend their money to advertise there. That means plummeting stocks for the company. So, they’re trying to make it more user-friendly.

What This Means For Businesses

Quality Content and Small Businesses

On one hand, businesses are going to be forced to produce better content, and engage more with their fans and followers. This great because we all know that engaging brands get more consumers and loyalty but what about the small businesses? Small businesses don’t necessarily have the (wo)manpower to have someone posting, engaging users, and managing ads; nor do they always have the expensive software to create beautiful images and well-created videos.

Remember the Panda and Penguin updates from Google which really ushered in the era of content marketing? Google decided they’d had enough of people just buying up a bunch of links and writing up any old boring content to get their page ranked. Now, you have to have a strategy and provide content your audience is interested in. Now you need to understand what the users want, need, and like. In return for the hard work, Google favors great content–this is similar to what we can expect from the new Facebook algorithm.

Improve Content

In Ads…

If your brand is going to make any impact on Facebook now, your sponsored content needs to be superb. It’s difficult to tell what’s going to work and what won’t but luckily, Facebook has added a few things to their Ads Manager. The new “full-screen experience” mode for ads is probably the best way to get your ads seen. You will make a regular ad but can use a template to add more engaging copy and images with multiple call-to-action buttons that take users to landing pages. Remember, the best ads have colorful, clean images, and copy that has a tone tailored to your demographics.

In Posts…

Many businesses post on a regular basis and get quite a bit of engagement because they are businesses with a strong community. Building a community is essential in succeeding on Facebook–that’s the whole point of the platform! Don’t be afraid to post goofy staff pictures, popular internet memes, or viral videos; almost any piece of media can be associated with any business, you just need a great copywriter.

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