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Adobe corporate building with text could this be our savior? Adobe advertising cloud mobile app

Could This Be Our Savior? Adobe Advertising Cloud Mobile App is Here

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Advertising and marketing companies have been slowly shifting to buying the majority of digital advertising through automated software. One challenge is the lack of mobile tools, currently, we have very limited options away from a desktop or work computer. Well, Adobe has created what will hopefully be the antidote to our modern woes. Read More

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12 Days of Google Christmas – Day 7 (Mobile Site Visits)

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Mobile Site Visits

BE CONNECTED! That’s the word on the street with all the opportunities to get the latest deal, updates, news, emails, directions and so much more with just a tap or swipe of your finger. Using mobile phones to log online is in – and it’s here to stay.

What are Mobile Site Visits?

Mobile site visits on your Google Analytics count the number of people who visited your website via their smartphones. This statistic will even show what network the visitors came from. Note – this doesn’t necessarily count apps – but actual visits to your website via a cellular phone.

Why Be Concerned With Mobile Site Visits?

Here are some reasons why you should make sure to have a mobile website for the vast amount of mobile audiences that have developed:

  1. The number of people using the mobile web is up to 83 million people according to this article on mobile website visitors. Definitely too much of an amount of the population not to cater to.
  2. Mobile websites have an advantage over apps. Some of the advantages of having a mobile website include having an optimized mobile website available for your mobile audience. The alternative is an app, but due to the amount of apps and building of those apps that would have to be done in order to get it to work properly over a majority of smartphones, a mobile optimized website only takes one.
  3. Smartphones are making their way to the top of the food chain above the PC market. People want their information fast and at their fingertips so getting that information whether it research, latest deals or news is being sought after more and more on smartphone devices.
  4. Mobile sites allow you to stay on top of the trends. Social media and smartphones have become a way of life and with the way technology advances so quickly, if you are not getting on the boat, you’ll be left behind while all your competitors are sailing without you. A more optimized, mobile, website means more clients/customers in the door. We vote yes!

How to Get Your Website Mobile

Getting your site optimized for a mobile phone or tablet has never been easier! With a myriad of ways to go about this, we’ve scoped out the easiest ways to get your designers and developers the best mobile platform. By creating a mobile Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), inserting a Meta Viewport Tag, and even linking an “Apple Icon”, your customers can find your website accessible even on the go.

Mobile CSS can help display and organize your website for the mobile platform. This is just like making a printer-friendly version of your website. For example, we’d use something that looks like this:

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”http://domain.tld/mobile.css” type=”text/css” media=”handheld” />

The meta viewport tag tells us how to rotate your website when found on a mobile device. This may make your design
simpler, or more accessible for those with smaller phones. It also tells your newly optimized website if it can rotate with the
user’s gyroscopic rotation or if you can zoom in or out:

<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width,initial-scale=1,user-scalable=no” />

Apple Icons are built more for the iOS and Apple’s iPhone® or iPad® and are specific for that audience. However, it’s always best to make sure every visitor can make the most out of your mobile website. This icon allows the users to create a shortcut to your website right on the main screen of their phone. With quicker access to your website, you’ll be sure to see more usage:

<link rel=”apple-touch-icon” href=”/filename.png” />

As smartphones and tablets take more and more of the market share away from laptops and desktops, you will in turn see people ask for information about your mobile website. A study was done by AT&T recently, saying that out of everyone who
uses their smartphone to search a business, 48% of those people walked through into that businesses’ doors.

So, before you start thinking about your next big revision to your website, consider making a mobile site instead. With the modern technology, you have at your fingertips you can be sure that no matter where a customer is, they are capable of finding your business.

And your Google Analytics will tell you just how many people that is…

Do You Need A Mobile Website?

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Responsive Design V Mobile
The internet is littered with advice about the choice between whether you should have a website with Responsive Design or choose a separate website designed specifically for mobile. It is a very confusing picture with Google seemingly changing its position from year to year.

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Get Smart… Phone | Mobile Marketing

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Before I get started, let me go ahead and put it all out there. I don’t have a smart phone… yet. I’ve not joined the ranks of the iPhone vs. Android war between Rob and Amy. But I hope to soon.

And according to growing research showing that mobile phone use is on the rise, I’m not the only one. It appears I’m not alone with my dissatisfaction of the basic Blackberry. I want to scan QR codes. I want to take fun pictures and upload them. And if I’m being really honest, I want to play Angry Birds.

From iPhones to Androids, smart phone use is on the rise.

Why a Smart Phone Boom?

There are many reasons smart phones have taken off. They’re easy to use. They’re convenient. And if you have to choose between starting up your computer versus wisking your fintertip across a screen to get the same information quicker and faster, I think most of us would vote for the second option. It saves time.

The Swiss Army knife came out in 1891. For over 120 years, we’ve continued to want items that have an “all-in-one” feature to them. So when the basic cell phone got a camera, of course it caught on. And then there was texting – send a message AND call your friends. Then came internet access on the phone. And the Palm features. Don’t forget the GPS. And before we knew it, our phones were an all-in-one mobile desktop. You can do just about anything with a smart phone these days. It might not be 1891 anymore, but those of us in 2011 are just as enthralled by tools that let us do all sorts of things through one simple tool.

Mobile Marketing Strategies for your Online Optimization

It’s a no brainer that as the smart phone market continues to grow, so will the need for online marketing and online optimization. That must be why Google Analytics  recently added a feature where you can find out how many people come to your website via smart phones. Smart phones access websites every minute… well, let’s make that every second. Phone users are turning to mobile devices to tell them where to shop for the cheapest price, where to eat great Thai food, and even what book to read – and the friendliest bookstore with the greatest selection within 10 miles. And this trend isn’t stopping anytime soon.

So what does this mean for a small business trying to be found online? Here area few ideas:

I know my life wouldn’t be the same without my phone. I’m sure yours wouldn’t either. So whether you’re taking phone calls for new leads, snapping a photo of the kids or even playing Angry Birds, remember – you’re not the only one dependent on your phone. Chances are, you next new customer probably is, too.