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Our freaky franchise marketing team uses a number of tactics to get people interested in doing business with you. These include:

SEO – We help your business get found by carefully investigating search terms that your potential franchisees may use. Our Digital Content Creation team then works the terms into your website.

Paid search – FMG targets your pay per click ads so that they’re seen by the right audience. We once again do intensive research to determine what these people are searching for and apply our knowledge to the creation of the ad.

Display advertising – Our display ads are found on websites and incite excitement in your future franchisees. We lure leads in with words and powerful calls to action.

Remarketing – This lead generation tactic can be used in a number of ways. Depending on what you and our team decides is best for your company, we can target those who have visited your site before, those who never have, ones that search for or view certain products or services, and the list goes on.

We’re making your business our business. For more questions on our franchise lead generation services, give our online marketing experts a call today at (888) 901-6117.

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    As a corporation, your goal is always to drum up more business. And our goal is to get more people knocking on your door, ready to become your next franchisee. At Franchise Marketing Group, we provide lead generation services geared to help you grow your franchise.

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