The Answer is in Your Inbox

Having a strategic email marketing plan in place with Franchise Marketing Group can help your franchise inform both existing and potential customers about your business, its services, and your latest announcements and specials.

Your individual franchises have the option to bring new, local business by keeping in touch with former customers and reaching out to new leads. Don’t let your franchise locations suffer due to poor customer retention — consider implementing email marketing with the help of FMG.

Our Business is Your Business to Business

Email marketing is also effective for corporate in reaching out to possible new franchisees, in addition to keeping their current ones in the loop. Sending out monthly B2B newsletters to your various franchises can play a pivotal role in maintaining consistent branding and in ensuring that each one is aware of the company’s goings-on.

Constant Contact Business Partner

Franchise Marketing Group is a Constant Contact business partner, meaning we are well-versed with all of the little intricacies and complexities of email marketing.

We can help you by:

  • developing and adhering to an overall email marketing strategy
  • creating editorial calendars to keep all of your online marketing efforts organized
  • managing your customer subscription base with list segmentation
  • designing custom email templates that work with your franchise’s branding
  • writing text that balances engaging content and sales pitches or specials
  • launching your email marketing campaigns
  • measuring email marketing results to measure success and determine any necessary adjustments to strategy

Build stronger relationships for your franchise today — call Franchise Marketing Group at (888) 901-6117 to discuss email marketing strategy with one of our experts.

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    One of the key elements to expanding a successful franchise is nurturing your following of loyal, repeat customers while also courting new leads. Just as in any forms of relationship building, communication plays a vital role in your franchise or franchise location’s success. So, what can your franchise do to harness this power of communication?

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