Consider this not a good day to get on my nerves, but I just got a cold call, AGAIN, from another guy wanting to put us on the first page with a google search, yada, yada, yada. Claimed we didn't show up until the 3rd page. I opened up another window, typed in EXACTLY what this *gentleman* told me he had used to search for us and there was POL - ON THE FIRST PAGE! Thanks, Nick, for what you and Turn the Page do for POL and for making my day with a slick salesman 😀

Jennifer Raffety - Prestige One Landscaping - Kansas City, MO

We have a great lead from our website! The Delahunt Group is a real opportunity for us. Thanks for staying on top of our account!

Mark G. Worster - Unitel, Inc.

We started the Organic Search Engine Optimization in August with TTP and were told it would take 5 to 6 months to really see some movement. Through their optimization, which includes keywords, geographic locations, etc. we started to see traffic pick up towards the beginning of October. We have seen a significant increase in calls coming from the website, and have seen multiple new accounts with large opportunities contacting us instead of beating down their door. As of yesterday, November 19, we are the ONLY website to appear above the Organic search names, but we are also sitting on top of the Organic Search. This came right around the 4.5 month mark, and we are ahead of schedule with that. We are sitting at number one for all three areas of our main business... Drug Testing Charleston SC, Alcohol Testing Charleston SC, DNA Screening Charleston SC, Hair Testing Charleston SC just to name a few. What you don't see when starting up with this is the "movement." I sat watching for 4 months and we were still sitting in the same place organically. It was like a light switch flipped at 4.5 months and we went from not showing up on the main landing page, to being number one. This goes to show that what they are doing for us and the attention Melissa is showing to our accounts is paying off.

Drew Regan - ARCpoint Labs of Charleston

I have been with Turn the Page for about 2 years. I was foolish enough to begin with trying to be taught, by them, on how to do SEO myself. I quickly found out that it was something best left to the experts. Over that time, despite a frustratingly un-adaptive website, TTP has managed to work my website up the Google ratings to the first page and, in some instances, to number one on the list depending upon what search words were typed in. As a result I have been able to work with people coming to the KC Metro area from other parts of the country as well as receiving phone calls from locals with real estate needs who found me online. I continue to invest more with TTP because they provide me with results. I am also blessed with monthly, face-to-face meetings, with the person actually doing or overseeing the work being done on my website. This enables me to have my questions answered, to brainstorm ideas and to bounce off of this expert something that I may have heard that sounds like something that would be very good to do. I am listened to and, if what I say makes sense, it is implemented in a proper way to increase my activity. I would highly recommend TTP for the quality of work done and, more importantly, for the quality of people who do that work.

Ed Rippee RE/MAX Results - North Kansas City

I have been working with Turn the Page for almost two years. They are professional and get the job done. I am either at the top or close to the top of Google searches. Many of my clients find me by the internet, therefore it is very important to me to have a high ranking. Every month we are strategic on finding new ways to gain a bigger presence on the internet. Thank you.

Nancy Erickson - ARCpoint Labs of Sarasota, FL

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