Helping Your Clients Dominate Local Search

When your clients looks good, you look good and we look good. That’s an attractive group of people, if you ask us! And while looks aren’t all that matters, TTP is as passionate about getting your clients to the top of the search engine results page as we are our own. In addition to white label SEO, our team is proud to offer white label local search services to other marketing companies that are looking to help local businesses in a (really) big way.

Enlist the Help of the Experts

TTP comprises a group of off-kilter professionals who are, to put it simply, “freaky good” at what we do. From developing SEO-friendly websites, to optimizing your business listings, to writing blog posts that are not only relevant to your customers, but are actually interesting, each department is dedicated to getting the results your clients crave. When you work with the TTP while label SEO and local search experts, you get our expertise, fused with our zest for making our clients looks awesome.

This is a map pin. It's sort of symbolic of our white label SEO and local search services.


Link building is critical in the world of local search. Our experts make sure your clients’ businesses are mentioned in the right places, in the right ways.

Social Media

Love on Facebook and other social media platforms are cues to the search engines to pay attention to your client’s business. We’ll get all eyes on them.

Business Listing Optimization

We’ll make sure your client’s NAPU (name, address, phone number and URL) is consistent and correct across the internet, including Google My Business, Yahoo! and Bing Local.

On-Page Optimization

We infuse your clients’ website content with local flair and pepper it with the city name, telling the almighty search engines, “Hey! Our business is here!”

Real Clients, Real Results

When you choose to team up with the online marketing and local search experts at Turn The Page, you’re choosing professionals that concern themselves with results above rankings. We want you and your clients to see unrivaled ROI and, ultimately, to get bragging rights as kings and queens of their respective industries.

We work hard to ensure that our white label partners’ local search clients get the results they need. One client, a school, has seen these incredible results in their time with our partner and TTP:

Enrollment increase (year-over-year)
Profit increase (year-over-year)
Organic traffic increase (quarter-over-quarter)

Another client, this one in the medical field, has seen off-the-charts results in the recent months. Take a look:

More Google+ views
Increase in calls

The Greatness Doesn’t Stop There

But you already guessed that, didn’t you? Every day, we work with our white label partners to forge a relationship that’s truly a force to be reckoned with. So we’re proud of the work we do with and for their local search clients, and we’ve got an inkling they feel the same way.

Take a look at some of their kind words.

Your clients deserve to be seen; let the online marketing and local search afficianados at Turn The Page help.

Call us today at (816) 527-8371 or (844) 889-5001 to learn more.

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