Targeting With White Label PPC Services

Not every person is right for every brand and vice-versa. This seems so blatantly obvious, right? So why are you letting your clients shoot out ads when they have no strategy to get the right eyes, — people who show real interest — on their product? With white label pay-per-click (PPC) advertising services from Turn The Page, our search engine marketing experts develop custom campaigns that target the audiences your clients need to reach.

Make the Most of Your Client’s Budget

Our PPC professionals carefully craft campaigns that are specifically designed to maximize conversions within the client’s budget. These highly-targeted white label PPC services are borne of a comprehensive keyword targeting strategy, in conjunction with Ad Groups, categorization and matching, multiple versions of the ads and tracking codes. Simply put, when you partner with TTP for white label PPC advertising services, you get a team of masters of the search engine marketing world.

The Results

Through running a PPC advertising account for a health-related company, we saw incredible year over year results:

Increase in conversions
Decrease in cost per conversion
Increase in conversion rate

Year over year, we were able to produce these awesome stats for a company in the trucking industry:

Increase in conversions
Decrease in cost per conversion
Increase in conversion rate

PPC Advertising Done Right

The Page Turners take pride in doing PPC advertising differently. Your client’s campaign will get the special attention that it deserves, with more negative keywords added to maximize the efficiency of your campaign, as well as a more personalized approach. Take a look at our process below to see how our experts can create a PPC advertising campaign that will be the perfect fit for you.

hand holding a magnifying glass icon

1. Keyword Targeting Strategy

As a foundation for your PPC advertising campaign, our team begins by conducting extensive keyword research, including negative keywords. This list will help us create ads that are speak directly to your target audience, improving your cost-per-click and ROI. Through our continual white label PPC services, we will update this keyword list on a monthly basis to make your campaign remains relevant and up-to-date.

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2. Campaign Builds

Those who call themselves PCC advertising experts usually only select 10-20 targeted keywords to build 1-2 ads around. Here at TTP, the real experts want to build your campaigns bigger and better. We do this by creating hundreds of Ad Groups, enhancing your copy and other variables by performing A/B testing, and using proper categorization and matching to structure your campaigns.

3. Conversion Tracking

Our PPC advertising team uses a tracking code for Google Analytics, PPC Conversion Tracking, and Call Tracking as we’re setting up your account. This code helps us keep a close eye on your account so that we deliver data concerning your conversions and ROI directly to you. We also use a call tracking system that allows us to record and track calls that are made as a result of your PPC advertising campaign.

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4. Daily Campaign Adjustment

At TTP, we’ll be sure to stick around and take good care of your PPC advertising campaign. Your account will be checked on daily so that we can continually analyze your data and update our strategy. We’ll look at your A/B test results, conversion rates, and quality scores to fine-tune your campaign and make sure everything is running at peak efficiency.

Let your clients be seen. For more information about white label PPC advertising services, call (816) 527-8371 or (844) 889-5001 today or visit Turn the Page Online Marketing in Lee’s Summit.

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