When we partnered with Tippin’s Pies in 2014, the beloved Kansas City institution was at a crossroads, and they were looking for a modern marketing team to improve their online presence.

The Overland Park-based company once had restaurants across several states, but economic downturns closed them down one by one until 2004 when the restaurant chain closed its final restaurant doors in the Kansas City Metro area.

However, Tippin’s dedication to bringing hand-crafted pies to its loyal patrons did not end with the closure of its restaurants. Tippin’s began supplying its beloved pies to grocery stores across the Midwest. As Tippin’s began to look more towards its future and the possibility of expansion, they needed a marketing partner that could help them revamp their image online and gain the attention of new customers nationwide.

Our Strategy

  • Custom website design and development with improved functionality and a modern aesthetic
  • Original, well-researched monthly blogs with keyword optimization
  • Content sharing strategy to bring more visitors to the website through blogging
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Our Pie-in-the-Sky Results

Increase in Sessions
Boost in Page Views
More Users
Increase in Returning Visitors

Web Design & Development

Blog Writing

Content Sharing

Brand New Website

Designing and launching the new Tippin’s website was at the heart of our online marketing plan for our favorite creator of pies. Our goals for the new site were to give them a rebranded, modern, and fully functional website that would give Tippin’s a better online presence and give their customers an easier way to get any information they need online.

With fresh new graphics, visually appealing sliders and more functional menu structure, visitors to the website now have a much-improved user experience. Plus, their updated Pie Finder page shows customers exactly where they can find the nearest store carrying Tippin’s Pies, which is especially important considering the company’s switch from restauranteur to providing fresh pies to your local market. Go ahead, see for yourself!

tippins new website

Pie-licious Blogs

Regularly adding original, relevant and interesting content is one of the most important things you can do to improve your website’s online search presence. Blogging is a great way to achieve this goal. We created a customized monthly blogging schedule and strategic plan for Tippin’s and consistently added fun and pie pun-filled blogs to their new website. We came  up with topics such as A Brief History of Pies in Film, Four Unique Pies to Try for Thanksgiving and the Top 5 Pie Moments in Literature.

We also used keyword research and SEO practices to ensure that each blog was optimized for the best possible search results.

Innovative Content Sharing

Every bit as important as writing high-quality blogs in the first place is strategically sharing them on social media sites. We decided to go beyond the typical Facebook route, instead focusing our efforts on finding more creative ways to share the blogs. We implemented a Click to Tweet feature, enabling blog readers to more easily share blogs they liked. We also added a Pin for Later option to the blog posts to give readers yet another way to share.

More recently, we began to apply an additional content-sharing strategy that focuses on entering the blogs into content sharing websites like StumbleUpon and Flipboard. By combining the power of social media sites these content sharing sites, we are able to create even better visibility for the Tippin’s blogs.

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