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Turn The Page Online Marketing offers expert local search listing and localization services for small and large businesses alike. Based in the Kansas City area, our team of Internet marketing geniuses provide professional local search engine optimization for lawyers, roofers, auto repair technicians, electricians — you name it! If you need local search, mobile optimization, or any form of localization assistance, take a look at our services below!

Benefits of Local Search Listings & Localization

If you are in the marketing business, local listings is a great tool to have to boost your company. Local listings is beneficial for businesses for many reasons. Local listings provide additional advertising for your consumers. It helps boost search engine optimization rankings, can help you increase your amount of reviews and it is cost effective. Not only are local search listings and localization a great way to boost your business and gain more consumers, but search engines love them too.

Google My Business and Google+ Business Listing Service

Without question, Google dominates the search engine world. Because of this, having local business listings with an accurate NAP on Google My Business one of the best things you can do for your company. Regulating your business directory listings on Google + is part of our continued service that aims to keep your business highly relevant in Google’s search returns. You’ll be able to focus on running your business while we handle important task of making your company easily visible to the industry’s most dominant search engines.

Yahoo! Local Business Listings Service

Yahoo! is the third largest search engine, making it important to monitor your local business listings and ensure the consistency of your NAP here.  With such a large influence on search results, Yahoo! local business directory listings are a main focus on the agendas of our team. With the same dedication to accuracy, we see to it that your business is listed accurately in your Yahoo! local business listings.

Bing Local Business Listings Service

As Bing establishes itself as a growing search engine on the Internet, it becomes more and more important for businesses to develop a presence on Bing Local. The first step? A targeted business directory listing with consistent NAP information. Unlike traditional search engines, Bing tends to capture a higher income demographic. Because of this, we focus our online optimization efforts here when working for clients with big-ticket items.

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    Establishing a consistent Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) on your online business listings is the crux of your online presence. Access to your business’s correct contact information is what search engines like Google, Yahoo! Local and Bing rely on to position you as a legitimate establishment. Throughout this process, accuracy is non-negotiable. When you partner with Turn The Page Online Marketing, as your business listings service you can take comfort in knowing we constantly monitor your NAP on your business directory listings with precision and unrivaled attention to detail.

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