Our Freaky Digital Marketing Team

While rapid growth is one of the defining factors of Turn The Page, our team’s diversity is its true strength. When you’ve created a situation in which English and journalism majors work alongside shortcode addicts, and where a brazen former British Naval officer teams up with an energetic technology whiz, and where exuberant salespeople collide with painstakingly detail-oriented SEO experts, you’ve got the recipe for a business where innovation and creativity run rampant, tempered only by a passion for providing our partner businesses with real and sustained results.

Noteworthy Tidbits

  •  Our web development team has a pet rock named Dario.
  •  We prefer our Friday coffees “Wobbly.”
  •  We’re not the most coordinated kickball team, but you can bet we have fun.
  •  Despite our lack of athleticism, we have balls everywhere — we’re partial to Ping-Pong balls.
  •  We like to dress up for themes. You name it, we’ve probably done it.

To learn more about our crazy digital marketing crew, call (816) 527-8371 or (844) 889-5001 for additional information.

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At Turn The Page Online Marketing, we have a saying: “TTP is the sum of all of its people.” Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we place an emphasis on the way we build our team rather than focusing only on our services, projects, or financial success. What began three-person operation rapidly evolved into a small army of approximately fifty employees who are driven to help our clients achieve success.

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