Could This Be Our Savior? Adobe Advertising Cloud Mobile App is Here

Adobe corporate building with text could this be our savior? Adobe advertising cloud mobile app

Advertising and marketing companies have been slowly shifting to buying the majority of digital advertising through automated software. One challenge is the lack of mobile tools, currently, we have very limited options away from a desktop or work computer. Well, Adobe has created what will hopefully be the antidote to our modern woes.

Adobe Advertising Cloud Mobile App

Adobe’s Advertising Cloud just premiered its first mobile app, which the company says is the only app that can manage advertising campaigns across an extensive variety of channels. This new iOS and Android app for smartphones and tablets are free for current customers. Adobe has harnessed the power of its TubeMogul acquisition, which includes boosted video ad capability across channels, including linear TV as well as digital channels.

Channels and Metrics


The breadth of channels that can be managed through the app is quite a bit more than we’ve seen in any competitor. It can handle video, display, native, mobile, social, and over-the-top (OTT) ad formats, as well as connected (smart) TV. However, search and linear TV ad management are not currently available in the app, though you never know what Adobe has up its sleeve next.

In the app, marketers can perform actions such as monitoring over 40 performance metrics available in the desktop version, activate or pause campaigns based on impression totals or other preset caps, and adjust ad budgets and bid prices. The desktop version is still required for setting targeting parameters and uploading creative assets but being able to control budget and ad activation is a huge step forward.

Highlights of the App’s Features:

  • Monitor campaign performance and delivery metrics in real time directly from a mobile phone or tablet device;
  • Swipe-to-activate and automatically pause campaigns based on pre-set parameters, such as budget caps or impression totals;
  • At-a-glance placement-level reporting for all metrics available on the desktop platform, including total spend, impressions, viewability rates, click-through rates, completion rates and more.

Extra Goodies

In addition to the mobile app itself and the fact that it’s free for Adobe members, Adobe Advertising Cloud clients will also get access to expanded cross-channel advertising capabilities with the addition of automated, data-driven buying of digital audio advertising formats on desktop and mobile devices.

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