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Write Better Email Subject Lines With These 3 Tips

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The wise and honorable Chinese philosopher Lao Tsu once stated that “the journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.” This quotation seems to summarily articulate an axiom of the human condition; great accomplishments start with humble beginnings. Unbeknownst to most, this passage is merely an excerpt of its original entirety. Historically, Lao Tsu’s words have been truncated by authors and university professors in order to create a more generically applicable aphorism relating to the challenges of achieving success. Read More

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Why Your Business Needs to Be Using a Review Generator

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We all know a business doesn’t blossom overnight. Once the signs are up and the staff is hired you can’t just sit around waiting for customers to walk in the door. Your first thought is probably to start advertising but there are a few steps before that. These steps will help you no matter whether you own a small business or franchise, or whether or not you have a marketing team working with you. Read More

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6 Details to Remember When Creating an Email Newsletter

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One of the most basic notions of marketing automation is email engagement. In today’s modern marketing world, there is a constant mountain of pressure for us to make the best emails that will confidently drive engagement, conversions, and revenue (above all).

It’s easy to get caught up in the new tools and focus on those, but without keeping the fundamentals at the forefront of your mind, your engagement will begin to slip. So take a few minutes to read this list of tips and techniques that will help out skilled professionals and those fresh to the field alike. Read More

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Get Started On the Road to Creating a Kick-Butt Email Blast

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Email blasts and newsletters are a cost-effective solution to marketing that allows you to get creative and bring out the personality in your business. You have control over your desired audience, message, and ability to tailor everything you need. This strategy raises awareness of your business and keeps you in potential customers minds. If you aren’t quite sure just how valuable email blasts are to your business, we will start by explaining what an eblast or email newsletter is then, describe some of what makes effective business emails. Read More

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3 Biggest Mistakes in Email Marketing

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Email marketing is one of the most effective methods to reach your audience. It’s highly targeted and produces a return on investment of 4,300 percent according to the Direct Marketing Association. An effective email campaign can attract new business and generate leads. It seems like the perfect online marketing tool, right? It’s great, but without a solid strategy and knowledge of what not to do, your email campaign could be a huge waste of time and a detriment to your business.

Email Marketing Biggest Blunders

1. Emailing Without Permission

If you want to kill your email marketing efforts before they have a change to get started, send emails to people without getting permission to send them. Not only will they immediately click the “unsubscribe” button, you could also get into serious legal trouble because most countries in the world have spam laws. Use an email service provider like MailChimp which has a “double opt-in” system that will prevent you from emailing people who have not given you express permission to do so.

2. Ineffectively Segmenting Your Email List

Once you’ve added people to your email list, you may think it makes sense to broadcast emails to the entire thing. However, if you do that, you’ll lose subscribers and see less engagement and fewer sales than if you properly separate email addresses. Segment your list by interests, location, and buying behaviors to reach the right people at the right time.

3. Not Providing Proper Opportunities to Subscribe on Your Website

Just like you, your website visitors have busy lives. They’re in a hurry, and if they don’t see ample and obvious opportunities to subscribe, they’ll miss them. Is your email subscription form tucked away in a sidebar or or is it on top of your page in the header area? Make your forms easy to find for your visitors and they’ll subscribe.

Let Turn The Page Help

Don’t make email marketing mistakes. Call us at (816) 527-8371 or (844) 889-5001 to learn how we can help you grow your business.


Use Evernote to Keep Your Business Organized

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If disorganization was a common character trait among the biggest business men and women in the world, I’d have been the next Zuckerberg by now. But let’s face it, I’m just not organized enough and have a hard time getting a hold of what I actually need to do to prioritize business needs and wants.

Running a business should be fluid and organic; sales should crescendo in peak seasons like an orchestra before their maestro with his arms raised high. Anticipation should pour out in the planning and strategic times, yet still remain profitable. However, your business may not feel like that. So what’s lacking? It might be organization.

Staying organized can be easy. You just need to focus, block out distractions, and prioritize. Luckily, this is where technology excels.

Evernote is a tool many people use to remember a wide array of things. From websites they’ve found useful, to the milk on their grocery run, to flowers for their wife on their anniversary. Evernote can be used for many reasons, but it’s main function is to stay organized. I’m going to take you down a path of organization, and today, Evernote is going to be the vehicle.

1. Keep track of customers.

Evernote allows you to create different notebooks. Within a notebook you can put pictures, audio files, and text; plus it can store passwords or links; think of it as a digital file cabinet. Start by creating a notebook for each client or customer. You will then be able to save PDF’s, documents, client conversations and everything specific to the client/customer. That way, when you want to look them up later, all the information is available in that one notebook.

2. Use Evernote’s email function.

When you sign up for Evernote, you automatically receive an Evernote email address. This isn’t a typical email address you check everyday and write emails to others from. Evernote’s email function is just to receive anything sent to it. For instance, if you send an email to the Evernote address, the content of the email you sent will appear inside Evernote ready to be filed. You can add certain items to the subject line in the email to tell Evernote what to do with the email. If you have a notebook called Bank-Statement, you can add @Bank-Statements to the subject line of the email and it will automatically go to that notebook. This is useful because instead of having to search through your regular email address, all your bank statements will be sent to one location. Then you can just click on your Bank Statements notebook in Evernote and see all the bank statements.

3. Save important documents.

Like a traditional file cabinet, you keep all your files and forms stored for later use. Instead of having physical copies of your forms and files, just save them inside a notebook on Evernote. That way you can access them easily. Forms like 1099’s, W-2, or employee applications would be good examples.

4. Share meeting notes.

One nice feature with Evernote is the ability to share your notes with anyone. If you sit in a meeting and take notes, you can put all those in an Evernote notebook and then share it with everyone that was in the meeting. You can create a notebook specifically for meeting notes; that way you can easily access past notes and remember what was discussed in previous meetings.

5. Store brand names and parts specific to your business.

Ever been on a office supply run and couldn’t remember what type of printer cartridges your office printer takes? Keep track of that information in a notebook in Evernote. This notebook can be shared across the company to let others know the names and product numbers for refills may be needed. Then, no matter who is on the office supply run will know the products used in the office.

These are just a few simple ways Evernote can be utilized to get your business more organized. Find ways to damper the static that distracts you from growing your business by using technology. Stop wasting time searching through emails and databases to find information that is crucial to the operation of your business and store it all in one easy to find place. Evernote could be the solution you’ve been needing to finally get you organized.

Should Small & Midsize Business Be Spending More on Email?

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Whether your business is strictly online or is a brick-and-mortar, email marketing is still a great way to promote your business. Is this being forgotten about? Let’s see… it’s simple, it’s quick.. it will help to stay in touch with customers.. why aren’t we all doing this more?

Here are the reasons we believe your business should be using email:

  1. 1. Keep your customers informed. Having a consistent email sent out either weekly or monthly will keep your customers in the loop. Sending special offers or business updates will influence your customers to keep coming back. A great example of this is an email service reminder (ie. It’s time to schedule your next oil change!).

  2. 2. It’s cost effective. Rather than sending out expensive mail, you can save on postage and printing collateral. Email marketing is one of the cheapest ways to stay in contact with your customers.

  3. 3. It’s trackable! Marketing no longer has to be done blindly. With email, you can track those who open, click, call, and even buy. This helps you know what works and what doesn’t.

  4. 4. Traffic to your website. With a well-planned strategy, an email marketing campaign can draw a lot of quality traffic. With several embedded links to your site, a customer skips any potential distraction from your competitors during a search. Also, in comparison to business cards or direct mail pieces with your URL listed, email marketing is easier for individuals to visit your site since they just need to click a link.

  5. 5. It’s easy & fast. Email marketing campaigns are somewhat painless. With the correct guidance and advice, email marketing can prove to be very time effective as well. Once content, links, and tracking have been put into place, an email can be in a customer’s inbox in no time.

  6. 6. You can make it voluntary. If your first thought about email marketing goes to those annoying emails that you receive but immediately delete, you can avoid following suit. Send to customers who have used your products and services and who are already interested in what you have to offer. With a successful campaign, you can even begin to encourage people to subscribe to newsletters and special offers.

  7. 7. It can build rapport. By staying in contact with your customers, emails turn into relationship marketing. Your customers will begin to feel connected to your business and not want to go anywhere else.

We strongly believe in all of these advantages to running an email campaign to market your business. If you’d like your business to have high open, click-throughs, and conversion rates, you’ll want to be sure that you stick to sending only relevant, timely, and engaging emails.

My advice: Don’t do this alone. A great marketing solution is a team effort and you’ll want to work with experts. For more information, contact Turn the Page Online Marketing to learn how this can help your business grow.

Email – Marketing with Force

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Email is very much part of our daily lives. So is email marketing. From the last post about this digital age you know; a recent Pew Research study showed that 92% of Americans use email and 60% said they used it daily. Email is an invaluable marketing tool for local business. It effectively stretches a business website sales funnel. Not all visitors necessarily purchase or become a viable lead on the first visit to a website. Email is used to maintain contact, to educate, engage and in the end, sell. Email marketing is an essential component of any online marketing plan.

When you consider a good lead conversion rate from website visitors is 7%. This leaves 93 out of 100 visitors who leave your website without converting. What a waste. There are steps you can take to mitigate these wasted visits. Some of that 93% that leave have an interest. For whatever reason the time is right for them to convert. If you collect email addresses on your site and through other channels, you can increase the conversion rate measurably. The first step is to maintain contact by collecting email addresses. There are numerous ways to gather email addresses. We will limit ourselves here to some simple steps you can take on your website. The screenshot from our website below shows two email capture data forms.

Here are some methods you can use to acquire opt-in email addresses online:

  • A free eBook
  • A free white paper
  • A free trial membership
  • A free SEO report (change for your business)
  • Offer membership to a club – like a coupon club
  • Include a link to email sign up on all your outgoing company emails.

There are many methods to acquire email addresses offline, here are a few:

  • When you host an event use a raffle to collect email addresses
  • Put an offer on the back of your business cards to get people to sign up for your newsletter.
  • Bounce-backs – Get them back! – Send a postcard
  • Fish bowl at your store front with a monthly drawing.

The days of “Spam” are long dead, it is important to remember that recipients of your emails are by choice. The CAN-spam act sets a low bar for compliance. In 2011 businesses should do everything they can to send emails the the recipients “want to read”. The first step is to use a reputable Email service provider, (ESP) these ensure you are spam compliant and also provide the tools you need to ensure you are reaching your audience in a way they like.

If you are in business you have probably heard the ads from many Email Service Providers:

  1. Constant Contact
  2. Mail Chimp
  3. Vertical Response

Now you have email addresses and a way to deliver interesting and useful information to your subscribers. It is worthwhile planning what you want to achieve from your email list and then how you plan on achieving the goal you have set.  The critical thing to remember is that your method must include be interesting and engaging for your subscribers no matter what you are trying to  achieve long term.  The next post will be describe some of the processes you can use to take advantage of email marketing.