Get Started On the Road to Creating a Kick-Butt Email Blast

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Email blasts and newsletters are a cost-effective solution to marketing that allows you to get creative and bring out the personality in your business. You have control over your desired audience, message, and ability to tailor everything you need. This strategy raises awareness of your business and keeps you in potential customers minds. If you aren’t quite sure just how valuable email blasts are to your business, we will start by explaining what an eblast or email newsletter is then, describe some of what makes effective business emails.

Eblasts Are…

Basically the same as an email newsletter so, we will use the terms interchangeably.  Eblasts are the same thing as a traditional paper newsletter, it’s just sent to the consumer via email. Your business will obtain a list of potential consumers that may be interested in your products or service, a newsletter is created for that group, and then they send out the mass email to the people on the list.

But It’s Not Spam!

This may sound like spam, there are some similarities but there are some important differences. A well-done email blast/newsletter will offer some value to the reader, whereas spam is junk. Spam is sent randomly and unwarranted to a mass of email addresses with no reason. A business eblast targets people that, for some reason or another, are assumed to be interested in the business’s services.

The Basics You Need to Get Started

A Clear Message

The first thing you need to think about is what the message is. It shouldn’t be a general “try our store out” — you want it to be very clear and concise. If it seems too general, your reader will be confused and assume it’s junk.

Example email graphic (1)Snazzy Subject Line

The first thing you see, especially on a mobile device, is the subject line. An effective newsletter will have a subject that relays an idea of the content without stating exactly what it is and intrigues the reader to (a) click the email instead of immediately trash canning it and (b) find something they like and find useful in your content. A subject line for the example email to the right might be “Get Your Grub On!” or “We See Fresh Food in Your Future.”

Engaging Subheaders & Design

We all browse emails, glossing over the small print and opting to scan over the bolder pieces like subheaders and accompanying images. This also means the design of the email should be clean, creative, and to the point. Use your subheaders to organize the information appropriately and make it easy for your readers to jump around and still find a cohesive message. This example email has a clear, clean design with a creative chalkboard menu-like design.

Advertising is a No-No

When emails are subscribed to it means the reader finds the content important. Overloading with pitches and affiliate site links will turn people against you. Of course, the point of a newsletter is to advertise your business but, a better way to do this is to engage the reader with a related topic that relates. By clicking your call to action (Send Me to the Food!), they will be brought to your product/service page.

You Can Get Plenty of Help (for free!)

If you just dipping your toes in the pond of email marketing, then start slowly. You can use a free email site like MailChimp or Constant Contact. They have templates, tips, and tools to help you set up your very first campaign. You can choose a pre-made template design and customize it however you want from there. You can easily import your email lists into the site and schedule the delivery. Then the fun part comes — analyzing the data. they will show you basically all you need to know subscribers, bounce rate, click-through rates, open rates, etc. From there you can advance your efforts and make an even better eblast!

If you are struggling to create a crazy good email newsletter, Contact us today to learn more about how we stay at the top of the online marketing game.

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