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Making Youtube Part of Your Social Media Strategy – How to Create and Use a Youtube Channel

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As a business owner or marketer, you know the importance of a social media strategy. But do you include Youtube to build engagement and market your business?

With Youtube being one of the most popular search engines, your business’ presence is very important, and your videos can be a very powerful tool. A Youtube channel for your business is a great place for things like free how-to’s, discount offers, video blogs, and customer engagement. Take a look at our step-by-step guide on how to create and make the most use out of your Youtube account.

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A Digital Checklist for Your Business Startup

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When launching your small business startup, you likely know you need a strong web presence, but you’re lost on where to start. Have no fear, Turn The Page Online Marketing is here! We’ve prioritized the steps you need to take while establishing your business startup’s presence in the online marketing world.

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What About Youtube?

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you know about Youtube. It has become a social phenomena, providing anyone with the ability to hold a camera an opportunity of fame. The story goes that back in 2005 three guys;  Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim came up with the idea for Youtube. The marketing line is that the genesis for Youtube was a dinner party video that the three wanted to easily share. When they couldn’t…….. behold Youtube. Nice marketing line, just not necessarily the whole truth.

First Ever Youtube Video

It all started that simply; with a short video of a trip to the Zoo, this is Jawed one of the founders. The video was uploaded on April 23rd 2005 at 8:27 pm. There was also venture-funded technology start-up money which helped things along, primarily from a $11.5 million investment by Sequoia Capital.  The growth was immediate and amazing. Within a year the site was receiving 100 million video views per day with 65,000 video uploads per day.

Google steps in

Always quick to spot an opportunity Google purchased Youtube in October 2006.  The sale was finalized in November 2006 for $1.65 billion – the amount of money is really quite incredible. Coming more up to date, the viewing figures are still growing. In May 2011 YouTube reported in its company blog that the site was receiving more than three billion views per day. Quite staggering when you think about it.

Local Business on Youtube

Without doubt, there is opportunity for local businesses to use Youtube to their advantage. It is now recognized as the second largest search engine and the third most visited site online after Google and Facebook . By its nature it is relatively simple to use and even the most technologically challenged should be able to make headway. The real challenge is to develop videos that will actually get views. In April 2011, James Zern, a YouTube software engineer, stated that 30 percent of videos accounted for 99 percent of views on the site. What is your video idea? If you are stuck for ideas or just want to concentrate on running your business we can help with your business Social Media strategy.

Social Media: A Generation Gap?

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When the idea came across for writing a blog about how different age groups use social media, I immediately began tallying up the differences. And I came up with, well, not much.My grandma is on Facebook and uploads pictures of her dogs frolicking on the beach when the snow is flying sideways back in the Midwest each winter. My 10 yr-old brother emails to tell me I owe him a batch of strawberry cupcakes for passing his science test. My father-in-law watches more farming videos on YouTube than you can shake a stick at. And my husband, who once asked why the rainforest was sending me so many packages, now tells me that is having a sale on diapers and I need to get some more.

Could it be? Does this mean that social media is breaking the generation gap and grouping us all as “Boomers X Next Text”?! No. Negative. No way! There will always be young whippersnappers who think they know more than we do and I will always wonder if maybe it’s time I ask my loved one to hang up his ‘Back in my day…’ stories before the kids starting calling him ‘fogey’.

What social media is doing is building better communication and delivering information to the generations alike, yet allowing us too each keep our own individuality. Better than ever, today we can search for and share all things pertinent to our lifestyles and do it with a flick of the finger and by the touch of our hand, without ever picking up the Yellow Pages.

And it’s everywhere and for everyone! Sure there are some places across the country you can still walk into and no one owns a smartphone, but those coffee shops and liars’ tables are hard to come by these days. As time continues on, it’s too convenient not to Skype with grandchildren from the vacation park where ‘all the old folks are doing it’, use your Tweets about the weather trends in your area to share with others across the country or world, or share those photos from the newest restaurant that opened last weekend…but, remember!
The generations are still out there and can see what you’re up to so don’t share anything you don’t want your mom to see! #beentheredonethat. Does your business use online marketing for all the generations?

YouTube’s Got a Brand New Bag

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Generally speaking, when change comes around, it’s for a reason. And if you have been a YouTube user for a while now, then you have noticed the changes over the last few months. Some like it, others hate it, and for the rest of us we say helllllooooo — we needed it!

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YouTube Shutting Down – April Fools Prank

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The official announcement was made this weekend that Youtube is shutting down. That’s right, Youtube is up to their old tricks again. It’s a well known fact that both YouTube and Google, as a whole, are big fans of playing April Fools pranks and placing hidden easter eggs in their products.

This year it looks like they have, once again, went to great expense in celebrating their prankster culture. Tom Liston, communications director at YouTube, announced “Tonight at midnight, will no longer be accepting entries. After eight amazing years, it’s finally time to review everything that has been uploaded to our site and begin the process of selecting a winner.” While it’s a rather obvious April Fools gag, YouTube has still went to great efforts in creating a star-studded major production.

The reason behind YouTube shutting down is based on the concept that it was all just a contest to begin with. After taking 8 years of submissions, every video on YouTube will now be reviewed by a panel of judges. This is going to take some time. At the last count, more video footage is uploaded to YouTube every 3 months than what has aired on all of the major TV networks combined in the last 60 years. That’s a lot of video footage and it’s going to take YouTube a while to go through it all. That might explain why in this years April Fools prank, YouTube states that the winner will be announced in 2023, when the site comes back online.

YouTube will be adding a Live Stream today (starting at noon ET) to announce the “Best Video” nominees. This will undoubtedly appear as an Oscars parody. It seems they’ve went the extra mile to make this prank a bit more believable. However, considering that YouTube is right in the middle of rolling out what could be called their largest site update in history for it’s creators, I don’t see any YouTubers falling for the gag. While the prank is very well produced, it’s a complete fail in the timing department. What has been your favorite Google Gag over the years? Let us know in the comments below.