Guard Your Privates! Google’s At It Again!

When Google debuted way back in the Dark Ages of 1998 their motto was “Do no evil”. Now it seems it’s changed to “Bwaa aah aah aah!” as they continue to occupy more and more of the digital space. Recent privacy policy changes are causing a stir with both privacy advocates and, for their own reasons, the US Congress, which feels compelled to stick its collective nose into the issue. But is there really an issue after all?

Google has had in play something like 60 or more separate privacy policies dictating their rules for Google, Gmail, YouTube, Google+ and so on. Each one differed slightly from the others depending on the space where they lived.  Google has simply let us know that they are streamlining them to make policy easier to read and manage, aggregate data across products and lastly, you can leave if it pisses you off.

If you really want to get angry at a privacy policy or terms of service try reading the latest one from Visa or Wells Fargo. This is what they make you read in Hell, as it will really take an eternity. Google’s is actually readable all the way through. Of course your eyes will glaze over, but only for a little while. They provide links for clarification and options for additional information. And if you have any doubts as to what they already have on you take a stroll through Google Dashboard, that’ll take the steam out of your trousers.

Google’s take on this is that now they have a better opportunity to point you in the direction you’ve been telling them all along you’d like to go. Your web history wasn’t available to YouTube but now when you’re wandering around looking for plumbing advice and hit up YouTube it will have recommendations on how to repair a leaky faucet or change out your shower head. You’re already providing them with usage data, device information and location, they’ve always had this info, and now they’re going to combine it.  It’s the price we pay for it all being FREE. Google makes 97% of their revenue from advertising. You’re helping to make it more targeted and reasonable and Google, in turn, can prove to their advertisers that they are reaching a global audience or more importantly, the audience of you. Would you be more irritated by an ad for a plumber from Akron if you lived in Akron or if you lived in Dallas?

Of course you can just walk away. Google Takeout will export your data from its neurons when you tell it to and Bing is a perfectly fine search engine. But what’s the point when Google knows that if they really cheese us off we’ll scream. Just ask The Gap, Bank of America, Netflix or Verizon.

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