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We’ve talked about blogging and how creating compelling content will keep customers or potential customers on your site longer. But we haven’t gone into the wonderful world of video. We all like pictures and we sit in front of our televisions for hours so why not use our addictions to promote your business?

It may sound complicated or time consuming, but there are some really good reasons to take the plunge and break out the Betamax.

It’s not as expensive as you think. Remember when video cameras were the size of your average Samsonite and you were forced to carry the battery in a purse on your shoulder? Well neither do I, but I’ve heard. These days video cameras can be had on the cheap and video-editing software gets easier and easier to use.

People don’t have high expectations. Strangely enough in our Michael Bay world your average YouTube viewer doesn’t expect content to have special effects or Bruce Willis. Current cameras can produce decent images and as long as you hold it steady you’re good to go. Invest in a decent microphone to get good sound.

One of the most searched for subjects on YouTube is how-to videos. I saved about a hundred bucks just by watching a video on how to change the battery in my car key. If you can provide instructions on whatever it is you do you’ll win friends and customers. Changing a washer can be difficult for us plumbing challenged.

Google has added content like blogs, videos, and images to their search engine indexes and returns. A while back they announced that video content is returned in one of every four searches. That double rainbow guy is the bomb!

It personalizes you and your business. We’ve all seen local TV commercials, those guys in the cowboy hats or auto mechanics standing out on the street, and they win our hearts every time.Or not.  But if you have a video featuring you or an employee featuring useful information you’ll remind the viewer that you’re here to help.

Here’s a great reason:

In 2011 YouTube surpassed Yahoo as the world’s second largest search engine. Say what?? ComScore reported that in the United States YouTube attracted over five billion viewing sessions per month and the average US visitor visits the site 23 times per month with each session lasting about 25 minutes.

Hop around YouTube to get an idea of how others are composing and promoting their content. Pay attention to your titles and keywords, if you’re promoting a “How-to” video be sure and include it in your keywords. Start a YouTube channel so you can post on both your website and directly on your channel. When you get far enough along to promote your videos as an advertiser YouTube will provide keyword recommendations based on your video description and other information.

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