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By January 1, 2013Cosmic Panda, Youtube

Generally speaking, when change comes around, it’s for a reason. And if you have been a YouTube user for a while now, then you have noticed the changes over the last few months. Some like it, others hate it, and for the rest of us we say helllllooooo — we needed it!

To spare you the geeky and tekky side of what YouTube has done, I’ll keep it brief. In keeping with the Google search engine theme, the millions and bajillions of videos have been ‘index upgraded’ to make searching a whole lot easier. And finding results. This is good for when you want to keep to the point on the subject matter you are looking for but is proving to drive those crazy who love to spend hours and hours, jumping from video to video. I’ve been reading a lot of reviews on the new layout and let me tell you, I don’t think those upset with the changes really understand what YouTube is doing. Or spend much time doing other activities.

A run-down on some of the more obvious changes :

  • New Homepage – now with customizable features, you can select the feeds that interest you the most and browse recommended Channels — and have multiple feeds within different channels
  • Link your YouTube account with Google+ and Facebook to see what your friends and co-workers are sharing
  • A more visually appealing layout – from stark and white to sleek and gray, it’s a little less college dorm room and more design friendly

Earlier last year, YouTube announced some changes were coming and rolled them out in the trial Cosmic Panda format. When a great portion of the YouTube world panicked, the designers took note, did some tweaking and have officially put the changes in place.

What this means for you is exactly what YouTube is trying to achieve – greater usability, personalization to you, your preferences and industry, a more unified network of users and easier connection and sharing of videos via the channels and feeds. It’s been obvious from the masses that not all want to be integrated but that’s where they are mistaken – you don’t have to be. You can take the choice to tailor the homepage and channels exactly how you want and reach out to those subscribed to you or opt out by a few clicks.

At Turn The Page Online Marketing, we love changes when it comes the online world because it means the world wide web is constantly evolving and that is what keeps us going in our quest to get you results!

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  • We are excited about the new changes. The technology that DataComm has to offer can often be tricky for our client tell and is offering us a great venue to showcase how-to’s videos. The changes are allowing the layout to be more visually pleasing not to mention better connection directly to our website and social media sites. Thank you for the article .

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