Social Media: A Generation Gap?

When the idea came across for writing a blog about how different age groups use social media, I immediately began tallying up the differences. And I came up with, well, not much.My grandma is on Facebook and uploads pictures of her dogs frolicking on the beach when the snow is flying sideways back in the Midwest each winter. My 10 yr-old brother emails to tell me I owe him a batch of strawberry cupcakes for passing his science test. My father-in-law watches more farming videos on YouTube than you can shake a stick at. And my husband, who once asked why the rainforest was sending me so many packages, now tells me that is having a sale on diapers and I need to get some more.

Could it be? Does this mean that social media is breaking the generation gap and grouping us all as “Boomers X Next Text”?! No. Negative. No way! There will always be young whippersnappers who think they know more than we do and I will always wonder if maybe it’s time I ask my loved one to hang up his ‘Back in my day…’ stories before the kids starting calling him ‘fogey’.

What social media is doing is building better communication and delivering information to the generations alike, yet allowing us too each keep our own individuality. Better than ever, today we can search for and share all things pertinent to our lifestyles and do it with a flick of the finger and by the touch of our hand, without ever picking up the Yellow Pages.

And it’s everywhere and for everyone! Sure there are some places across the country you can still walk into and no one owns a smartphone, but those coffee shops and liars’ tables are hard to come by these days. As time continues on, it’s too convenient not to Skype with grandchildren from the vacation park where ‘all the old folks are doing it’, use your Tweets about the weather trends in your area to share with others across the country or world, or share those photos from the newest restaurant that opened last weekend…but, remember!
The generations are still out there and can see what you’re up to so don’t share anything you don’t want your mom to see! #beentheredonethat. Does your business use online marketing for all the generations?

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  • I competely agree with you. It seems like Social Media is bridging the generational gap between adults and their younger counterparts. Kids (anyone under 20)think Facebook and Twitter were designed for their use. Lucky for me (and working with you at TTP) I know this is not the case. We are all using these platforms for our own purposes and many of them are striklingly similar: trying to connect, to further relationships, communicate and engage one another.

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