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Even as an online marketer, I get annoyed at online marketing sometimes. Granted, I may be a little more picky than some since it’s sort of “my thing;” yet, I’ve learned a lot about Internet marketing, and especially email marketing, as my inbox has began to fill up over the years.

Email Marketing

It seems like you can’t even buy a shirt anymore without being added to an email marketing list. As someone who gets a lot of emails, I’ve seen some great ideas for email marketing. It remains extremely popular with 92% of Americans saying they use email. If you’re trying to figure out if you should begin marketing to your current and potential customers via email, here are a few ideas and filters to use:

Use an Opt-In List to abide by CAN-SPAM Laws

Opt-in Lists – Start out with the basic rule which happens to also be law-abiding. Use an opt-in list, meaning make sure everyone who you send emails to has “okay-ed” that they receive emails from you. The CAN-SPAM laws for businesses indicate that when you send solicitation emails, it must be to an opt-in list. Few things annoy me more, lose my loyalty or completely turn me off than getting emails from companies that I never signed up for nor requested.

Keep Your Email Marketing Short

Keep your emails short, and especially if they are going out frequently. Also remember that more and more people are using smart phones and don’t want to take the time to scroll through your long email nor wait for a dozen photos to load. Keep the photos minimal, the text tight, and your email direct and to the point.

Offer Something In Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is great if you can offer something to your recipients. Try offering a coupon or free shipping if you’re a retailer. You can also highlight special services or giveaways through emails. This way you can not only track who opens the email (which is built into the services ESPs offer – like Constant Contact)  but you can also see who’s acting upon your offers.

Go the Extra Mile in your Email Marketing with Linking

Go the extra mile when you send emails by including other sites and maps. If you’re going to be suggesting people visit other websites or get driving directions, include links and maps in your email. It makes it all around easier.

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