Moms DO know what an Android is!

OK, so maybe not all moms know to associate the funny little green man to Android; but at least give them credit for not calling it one of their kids’ cartoon characters, right? I am a mom. I have an Android. And a man who also has an Android sent an  article to me and I got a kick out it! So many possibilities for the jokes but I don’t know where to start…but the point of the story is this : a recent survey from Life360 found moms like Android over iPhone 3-to-1.

And I can hear that lone ‘1’ iPhone user saying ‘HEY now I luv my iPhone’, but really there’s only two iPhone users I can think of on my friends list. They definitely drink the Apple kool-aid and the rest of us are left thinking that means a cocktail mixer…or was that just me? Seriously though, what do Moms think about when it comes to Smart Phones……….

Here are some fun facts for the carpool lane ::

  • 52% said they use their smartphone within 5 minutes of waking up
  • 32.4% said they would give up their smartphone for a day at the spa
  • 28.7% said they would not give up their smartphone for a day, even if they got paid
  • 64% said they feel they pay a reasonable amount for their smartphone
  • After communication, safety and security ranked as the most important functions of a smartphone
  • 13% say they check in with family members 10 or more times a day
  • 44% of people surveyed said they check in with family members 1-5 times a day
  • 78% said they do something with their smartphone in the last 10-15 minutes before bed

I don’t know about you but my Android phone tells me to wake up, points me in the direction of the spa and if my mom checked in more than 10 times per day with her Android?
I’m changing my number.

But really. I would be lost without calendar app to remind me which appointment is next and I would gladly talk to my mom 10 times a day if she felt like it!

At the end of the article on Life360, a tiny little box caught my eye. This is interesting……… Second on the ‘Male Active Reach’ list for Android Apps by US users was Google Maps. And second on the list for ‘Female Active Reach’ was…Facebook. Need I even say it, Dads?

Of course us Moms are posting on Facebook to our friends: “We’re late because you got lost again” and Dad is pulled over looking up Google Maps for directions! It’s an Android family thing!

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