A recent article in Search Engine Land’s website cited some pretty interesting stats from a couple of surveys. Forty percent of the 1,100 US adults they asked used local search on a daily basis and 70 percent of smartphone owners use location-aware mobile apps.  We’ve touched on mobile marketinghow-to so be sure and take a look while you’re here.

The survey also found that consumers who own smartphones, tablets and PCs are the most dedicated users of local search. Owners of only PCs and feature (read yaaawn) phones do many fewer searches.

This only confirms previous data (or just look at every Millennial on the planet) that mobile is becoming increasingly vital to small business. From mobile marketing campaigns to optimizing your site for small screens it’s critical to at least begin formulating a plan for the new year.

It’s becoming a bit easier to advertise on mobile platforms which is good news. Earlier this year Google announced that it’s integrating AdMob’s mobile display ads that appear in 300,000 plus apps, into its Adwords platform. So it’s a lot easier to purchase ads, especially if you already use it to purchase their regular ads. Facebook also has automated mobile-ad buying so it’s pretty easy to buy mobile ads.

Small Business Mobile Survey released data that says that while 69 percent of SMBs know that mobile has major growth potential only 26 percent currently have a mobile-friendly website. This leaves the market wide open for you to get your website ready for mobile search and marketing. It won’t be this open ever again so use this to gain the advantage.

Small businesses will be the saviors of the new economy. Preparing your business for mobile marketing is imperative to provide better service to new and existing customers, to grow your business and get the jump on trends. Turn The Page Online Marketing is the small business answer to all things mobile, social media, web development and all things interactive. Let us dispel the mysteries of online marketing and help you reap its benefits.

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