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Since Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014, the messaging app has seen enormous growth. Over 60 billion messages are sent globally every day. WhatsApp is starting to become a tool that businesses can use to reach new and existing customers and grow their brand. 

WhatsApp for Businesses

In January, WhatsApp announced that they were launching a business app o help people connect with their favorite businesses. While this app is only available on Android right now, it does allow businesses to reach more customers. For example, people can use this app to:

  • Provide quick replies, greetings, and away messages for their customers
  • Sync the app with your desktop to send and receive messages
  • Give useful information to customers like your business’ description, email, address, and website
  • Check read messages

WhatsApp is also taking steps to integrate more of Facebook Messenger’s features. The app now allows group tools that let businesses use it as an internal messaging option. The app wants to incorporate group video calling as well. As the app rapidly grows, it gets a better chance to compete on the same level as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.

How can WhatsApp grow your business?

This app can help you reach new customers, improve internal communications, and provide support to existing clients. Here’s how:


WhatsApp is easy and fun to use. Businesses use it to group people in a department for easy communication, or as a quick and easy way to share an idea without using email. While employees may be reluctant to use a new app, WhatsApp is so widely used that many people are already familiar with the platform.


WhatsApp provides one-on-one interactions with new customers that you sometimes miss with a mass email marketing campaign. It’s a good idea to use this method sparingly because a lot of people dislike messages from unknown numbers. However, you can also create a filter in the app that will share your brand with many users at once and put your business name out there.

Customer Support

One of the most important aspects of business is keeping your current customers happy. WhatsApp might not work well for companies that get hundreds of calls every day, but small businesses can benefit from using this app to answer customer questions and help with problems. Additionally, a lot of customers respond quickly to an instant message than a phone call or email. WhatsApp has the potential to overhaul the sales process and increase upselling opportunities.

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