Facebook Ads Tips to Keep You From Exploding

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We might have mentioned it before, but Facebook Ads Manager is super frustrating. Even Facebook representatives and experts don’t dare go into Ads Manager–it’s only for the brave. Notorious for constantly updating things without telling anyone how to use the new updates, Facebook Ads Manager gives many marketers a sense of dread. Good news, there are new and workable solutions!

New Facebook Ad Updates Can Actually Help You

We aren’t going to give away our secrets, but provide a bit of assistance to those ready to give up. We even spoke to a real person from Facebook the other day to double-check we are heading in the right direction (no surprise–we are 😏).

Saving Your Ad Drafts

There use to be Ads Manager and Power Editor. These have been merged (supposedly the best of both worlds) and are now much easier to use. The most exciting part for us is that you can now save a draft of your ad campaign right in the manager. Prior to late 2016, early 2017, there was no way to save a draft of an ad if you wanted to come back, weren’t ready to run it, or needed client approval. So, we did it the hard way–screenshotting the ads and just replicating them later but this took up a lot of time. Then came Creative Hub, aimed at teams collaborating on ads. sometimes it worked and sometimes three hours of work just disappeared. Now, your campaigns should autosave much more easily–we’ll see about that.

Reviewing Changes

Maybe there were a lot of ads with errors or ad hacking, but for some reason, Facebook decided it was wise to create a “review and publish” button that forces you to re-review your edits and sign off before the ad will process. While it can be annoying at times, it’s meant to help make sure every element is what you want it to be.

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