Facebook Update Roundup (Advertisers Should Be Quite Happy)

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Facebook is Exploding with Ads

In response to the ad overcrowding issue in news feeds, Facebook is spreading the love to almost every corner of their offerings.

Facebook Marketplace Ads

Almost every large shopping or social site has some sort of marketplace nowadays. Facebook has now joined the masses (like they always do) just like the sheep they are. What marketplace means is either a third-party seller space under a brand or a Craiglist-esque platform specifically geared towards customer-to-customer selling interactions alone. In May, US users posted 18 million items for sale on Marketplace.

If you think that the classifieds are a place to hide from the flood of news feed ads you’re wrong. Facebook is starting a small test that shows ads to a small percentage of people using Marketplace in the US. They will then evaluate the response before deciding how to move forward.

What the Test Consists Of

Facebook will take its dynamic ad’s retail variety that companies use to retarget online shoppers and place them amongst the items that are listed for sale by (non-brand) people on Facebook. This “variety” includes clothes, toys, sports equipment, apartments and jobs.


The ads will only show after the user scrolls down “below the fold” of the main Marketplace feed. There will be no ads in specific category feeds. The ads are going to look like the square organic listings they are surrounded by. The “Sponsored” label is what will set them apart the most.

So, yes, more native advertising. That’s our digital world now. The good news is that advertisers don’t need to do any extra work, as the ads will be a pulled catalog product image from those that have already been uploaded by the advertiser.

Ads For Facebook Messenger

The app now allows ads to pop up in the 1.2 billion monthly users’ message feeds. The beta test was first opened in Australia and Thailand and featured ads that can either link to the advertiser’s website or open up a Messenger conversation with the brand’s chatbot.

The ads will look like a normal news feed ad but a little more updated to match with the Messenger aesthetic. These ads are available through Ads Manager and Power Editor; right now they are only available for Traffic and Conversion objectives.Messenger section highlighted screenshot

New Facebook Clicks Measurement

The one thing we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Facebook is going to begin providing advertisers more details about the people clicking their ads. The information will be things like whether the user actually made it to the ad’s site and whether they’ve visited before. Soon, they plan to have something in place to tell whether the user is a new customer as well.

The new “landing page views” metric is exciting. Facebook already tells advertisers how many times people click on links in their ads but that doesn’t tell advertisers how many times people visited a brand’s site from an ad. For example, plenty of people accidentally click and then hit the back button before the page loads or their internet is too slow and they close out before the page loads.

This new metric will only report the number of times the site actually loaded after an ad was clicked on. For more accuracy, the Facebook Pixel will have to load completely before Facebook counts it. Advertisers can prioritize the “landing page views” when using the Traffic objective.


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