How is the Buy Local Movement Influencing SEO?

How the Buy Local Movement influences SEO

Have you heard about the “Buy Local” Movement? It encourages cities and towns to support small businesses in their area instead of large corporations. Small business owners need to do all they can to make sure their company is being found by customers who prefer to support the movement. One of the best ways to do this is with up-to-date business listings. 

Buy Local & Local SEO

What is the Buy Local Movement?

This movement started in an effort to unite small businesses to prevent corporate chains from taking over their town. Buy Local gives small business owners a stronger voice so that they can vouch for the funding and cultural impact in their town.

Local businesses can join together through their own efforts, or they can be motivated by the Chamber of Commerce or non-profit organizations like American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) and others. The movement’s goals include:

  • Recirculating local wealth in the community
  • Maintaining local culture and character
  • Creating excellent jobs
  • Having a voice in local policy
  • Supporting entrepreneurs
  • Improving the local variety
  • Competing with big business

The movement works very well when it’s managed properly; however, businesses also need to remember to make themselves accessible to local customers on the internet. That’s where Local SEO plays its role.

What does Buy Local mean for digital marketing?

Local SEO is important for small businesses because customers are looking for businesses in their area. Local companies need to be able to compete with large chains by having accurate listings, therefore helping searchers find local results when they look online. More than 70% of customers are searching on a mobile device. They are looking for products and services that are immediately accessible. Local SEO improves your business’s chances of appearing on the search engine results page because your listings, whether in Google Maps or in Bing results, will be right there for customers to see.

As the Buy Local Movement grows, more small businesses will need to have accurate information online. Your customers will like that they can find a local company, and you will appreciate the opportunity to boost your community’s success!

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