Google’s Mobile-First Index: What You Need to Know

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Big news from the land of Google!

Google announced at the end of March that they are finally migrating websites that follow Google’s best practices for mobile-first indexing. 

A Better Approach

After a year and a half of careful experiments and tests, Google will continue to use just one index instead of separating out the indexes into “desktop sites” and “mobile sites,” but they will increase their focus on indexing mobile versions of content. Part of their recommendations for best practices include having the same amount of content on both mobile and desktop websites for the bots to crawl and index. Google recognizes that more users perform their searches on mobile devices. Their goal is to be able to give users quicker access to the content they want. 

In the past, all of Google’s ranking, indexing, and crawling systems have focused on the desktop version of websites, which caused major problems for anyone searching on a mobile device because desktop sites were not created to fit on mobile screens. Websites are now being built mobile-first, making mobile devices the priority while the desktop site is designed second or third.

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How it Works

  • Google uses their Smartphone Agent to crawl and index pages; the most appropriate URL – desktop or mobile – will be shown in the Search results depending on what device is being used.
  • Websites that contain mobile-friendly content have a better chance of increasing their ranking as Google evaluates all content in the index to determine mobile-friendliness.
  • Google will still display content that isn’t mobile-friendly or fast-loading if it’s the most relevant content.
  • Starting in July 2018, slow-loading content may not perform as well for searchers.

Trust the Experts

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