How is Facebook Working to Connect Brands with Influencers?

How facebook is working with brands

It’s the newest word to describe someone who promotes places and things on social media: influencer. Facebook recognizes that these folks can be a brand’s best friend. The social media platform wants to start facilitating relationships between brands and influencers with their new Brand Collabs Manager. We’re digging into this Facebook dashboard to see what makes it tick and how it can help your brand.

Facebook’s number one goal is bringing in new creators to influence users while also helping brands spread their message. The Brand Collabs Manager will be able to do that by connecting relevant influencers to brands. It’s like eHarmony for brands.

How It Works

When you’re trying to promote your company’s brand, you want it to reach the most relevant audience. Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager takes your promotion requirements that you can filter down based on your needs and match your brand to creators to promote it. Companies can also see the average audience size for influencers, as well as the category in which they work. It’s about finding the right fit for you and the creator. Brands will be able to look at influencers’ past collaborations, while creators can Like the company’s brand Page to appear as a suggested partner in the future.

The Future of Brand Promotion

This collaboration is a smart move for Facebook, not only because it allows brands to have more engagement with followers and continue widespread brand promotion, but it also allows companies to focus on getting ROI.

The next step in this movement is for Facebook to remove bad-faith users from their lists of creators, which then makes a more reliable and effective resource for brands. Facebook will also need to ensure that influencers are verified before they have access to brands in the Brand Collabs manager to prevent brands from getting paired with someone that won’t do them any good. Part of this movement is Facebook removing more fake profiles from their platform than ever before.

Finally, this is a revolutionary step for influencers. For Facebook to succeed, they need to entice popular creators, like those from YouTube, for example, to come over and post on Facebook. YouTube may have a more advanced model to reward creators, but Facebook has a wider reach. There are plans to adapt the platform to bring in more creators and give brands more influencers to work with.

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