How to Create a Smart, Brain-Friendly Website

How to create a smart, brain friendly website

Your customers are overpowered by data. At no other time in history have people had as much information thrown at them as they do right now. 90% of the data that currently exists was made in the last two years. Around 571 new sites are created each minute. Furthermore, the normal searcher remains on a website page for less than three seconds, just long enough to look at 1/4 of the content on the page.

So how do you stand out enough to be noticed? In a universe of data oversaturation, how would you guarantee that your site showcases your business’ message? The best way to do this is to create a brain-friendly website. The data you’re sharing needs to be simple for the mind to process. When you center around building up your site at this level, you set your business up for success.

Pleasing Your Client’s Brain

1. Stay Simple.

Excessive information blocks the mind from understanding and processing what it sees. The most ideal approach to brain-friendly design is to keep your web design basic. That way, the mind doesn’t need to work so much to comprehend your organization’s message. Limit pointless content and add some blank space to give the page a lighter feel.

2. Focus on Feeling First.

Brain-friendly content that evokes a passionate response is a standout amongst other approaches to save the brain from getting overwhelmed. Emotional content has appeared to expand the mind’s capacity to recall data. It’s web savvy to consider the feelings you need your clients to encounter when they see your site. Do you need them to feel cheerful or inquisitive? Casual or safe? Or furious about an issue that your business addresses? When you recognize what you need your customers to feel, it makes designing your website much simpler.

3. Ramp Up Your Visual Content.

We process visual data in the brain’s reward center, which is why adding striking visual content to your site is a smart move. Pages with visual content get 94% more views than pages without. Visual content can communicate directly with the mind about your business, following the “show, don’t tell” rule we hear so often.

4. Utilize the Brain’s Addiction to Faces to Your Benefit.

When your brain sees a face, neurons begin rapidly firing in the amygdala, which is a piece of the cerebrum that codes emotions. Smart entrepreneurs use this to their advantage, giving the mind information about their product with faces that show the audience the feeling that businesses want customers to feel when thinking about their brand. Faces on your website can break down cultural and language barriers, as facial expressions serve as a universal language.

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Building brain-friendly websites can be a mind-boggling process when your time and energy is already devoted to successfully running your company. That’s why you need to work with a company that has experience building smart, beautiful, easy-to-use websites.

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