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If you’ve ever thought about starting a blog, you’ve heard of WordPress.com, but are you familiar with WordPress.org? The former is the site a personal blogging site, but the latter is a content management system (CMS) that is highly preferred by developers for building websites. Turn The Page proudly uses WordPress to build all of our custom websites. Discover why we have so much love for this CMS: 

Approximately 19.5 million websites are built on WordPress. For some perspective: Drupal, the next most popular CMS, boasts 656,000 sites. So what sets WordPress apart?

Developers Love the Flexibility

WordPress is an OpenSource platform, which means that global contributions are made to the code by different developers and programmers so that there are regular enhancements and updates. WordPress experiences tech improvements more often than any other platform.

What a lot of people don’t realize about WordPress is that it’s just the framework. Themes have to be applied in order for a website to take shape. A lot of the themes you’ll find for sale in WordPress are generic, off-the-shelf templates that load slowly and will cause you to gradually lose business over time. Turn The Page’s developers customize every theme for every client, no matter how big or small the website. A great example of this is how we’ve developed our AMP template to help your website load faster than ever.  The difference between a website and a well-built site is the time and care taken to program the site to work at top capacity.

Users Appreciate the Familiarity

Like well-known programs like Microsoft Office, WordPress is quickly becoming a familiar household name. The CMS is incredibly user-friendly and is easy to adjust to with some training. Anyone who has been in the backend of a WordPress site has seen that it’s easy to navigate through the development space and customize your site.

The best part of WordPress is that clients don’t need to know how to write code to add elements to their site. The user-friendly layout means that clients can do the following without needing to be a web developer:

  • Add pictures and pages to their site
  • Update posts and sidebars
  • Manage their menu structure and photo galleries

Turn The Page takes ease of use one step further by providing backend training for your site after it’s been built. We’ll guide you through every step of the way so that you’ll never feel lost or confused.

WordPress makes SEO Happy

A website is more than just a place for your customers to land. It’s a tool that can help you be found all across the web. WordPress is the most SEO-friendly platform because the code is cleaner and search engines like Google can crawl the site much easier when it’s built on WordPress. Of the 19,000 plugins available for WordPress, many of them are SEO apps that can boost your SEO further than any other platform. A WordPress site won’t just put you on the map; it’ll stake its claim and help you shout from the rooftops.

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