Your 2013 Online Marketing Plan Part 2-Your Website

What’s in your online marketing plan for 2013? We covered business listings last week so customers can find you on the web.

But what happens when they get there? Will they be greeted by a website that looks like it was first viewed when dial-up was all the rage? Can your visitors get a cup of coffee (with cream and sugar) while your site loads?

Let 2013 be the year of your website. Our master of all things web, technical director, Mike Burgess, gave us some tips a while back so take a spin around his wisdom for some good advice. But there are also some tweaks you can make that won’t take a ton of time but will yield a better experience for your visitors.

  • Look at what your website actually says. The general rule of website copy is keep it short, keep it simple and keep it interesting. Does your copy need to be livened up a bit? Is it too long? Does it contain a call to action? Hire a web copywriter and do it right.
  • Images, images, images. As a writer it pains me to say this but peeps love the pics so add quality images to your site. Skip the bland stock photos and hire a good photographer. Not your bro-in-law. Unless he gets paid to be a photographer.
  • Your “About Us” section needs to be persuasive and informative. One of my pet peeves about local business websites is that there is no indication that a human being actually owns it. Take a hint from the McCarthy hearings and name names. Get personal, why are you in business, what’s your philosophy? Add your picture unless you’re a hunchback. Then add a drawing.
  • Blog. Yeah, we do tend to go on about content around here but we do it for a reason. Varied and new content is key to keeping visitor interest. Be an authority, entertain, inform or just be interesting.
  • Be share-able. Include multiple ways to share content. Don’t forget an email button. It may sound archaic but people still want to share stuff by email. Somebody’s mom needs to know about you.
  • Put contact info on every page. Every single page. Again, a pet peeve for me is page after page with no phone number, or contact info. And include your address at the bottom of each page if you’re a service provider but may not have onsite traffic. If you’re a retail store have a clear address with a map link.
  • Be mobile. More and more (and more) you need a mobile friendly site. We’re on the go and need to find you while we’re out there so make it easy for us. Test your site on multiple devices (just head to any elementary school and you’ll find a dozen different smartphones) to see how you look on the small screen. Be ready for your close-up.

Any of these tips can make your website more user friendly and increase visitor satisfaction. If you find any of them confusing or difficult just call the online marketing pros at Turn The Page Online Marketing at  (816) 527-8371. We can give you a free consultation to get your website up to speed and ready for visitors.

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