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The Dos and Don’ts of Twitter

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When it comes to social media etiquette and the Twitterverse, there are some things you should and shouldn’t do.

If you haven’t quite mastered Twitter and communicating online, you’ll want to before your lack of familiarity with the platform lands you in hot water.

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It can be hard to stay up-to-date with best practices in Twitter, though, with changes being rolled out regularly. Most recently, a source close to Twitter said that the platform would no longer count links and images as part of its 140-character limit, freeing up space for longer messages.

So how can you be sure you’re tweeting right? Check out our dos and don’ts to make sure you’re on the right track.

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Don’t be a Business Grinch this Year

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Okay, wait. Wasn’t our Freaky Halloween party just yesterday? Well apparently the holidays are now upon us and in full-force and we all know this is the ideal opportunity for companies to increase their business. We’ve got some unconventional ideas to get customers engaged and keep them coming through the door.

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“BOO”st your Business with Social Media

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As a blog writer for Turn the Page, let’s just say I’ve written a lot of posts this week finding some relevance to each unique TTP client‘s industry and the sweet holiday approaching us. So, I thought why not try and add one more to the list in the spirit of all things Halloween.

Here’s my attempt to tie Halloween and online marketing – and find nuggets of wisdom within this “spooktacular” holiday. After all, don’t we all want to “BOO”st Internet presence? Sorry, I couldn’t help myself…

At Halloween: The house who gives full-size candy bars is popular.
SEO Lesson: Go the extra mile with something unexpected.

If you go the extra mile for your clients and exceed their expectations, you’ll not only win their favor, but their loyalty, too. (You go back to that full-size candy bar giving house year after year.) How can you give pleasant surprises to those who do business with you? Start with a free coupon for those who stumble upon your Google Places listing. Or a fun “check-in” deal for someone who says they were at your business on Facebook.

At Halloween: Avoid slutty costumes. Especially as an adult.
SEO Lesson: Post professionally.

Simply put – have class when it comes to your social media. We realize that it’s “social” – however, you still represent a business. Make sure your tweets on the business Twitter account have to do with your positioning. Double-check that you’re using Facebook as a “page” if you’re making business comments. And this should go without saying – but ensure that anything that is posted on your YouTube channel is clean and professionally appropriate.

At Halloween: Some people like to be scared. Others hate it.

SEO Lesson: One size doesn’t fit all in online media, either.

There’s not “one formula” that will work for everyone – when it comes to just about everything. People are different. Some are thrill-seekers, others like to play it safe. So when it comes to marketing, some people will be all about your YouTube videos and interacting with you on Twitter. Others will rather check out your website and give you a call. To make sure you have a broad reach, have an online strategy so that people can comfortably learn about who you are, what you do, and contact you in their own style.

At Halloween: Free candy is a great way to meet the neighbors.
SEO Lesson: Use linking as a way to meet your neighbors.

If you’ve spent any time with Rob, Placher or Elisa – you probably know the power of a link. If you don’t – set up a meeting with them now. Linking strategy is huge in social media. Links to and from your website are a great way to build your online presence. Just like free candy gets you to knock on a stranger’s door – use the opportunity of link exchanges to pick up the phone, or email, that guy or gal you’d like to know and associate with.

At Halloween: Plan to be eating candy until Christmas.
SEO Lesson: What you do now may not show up until Christmas.

If you do trick-or-treating right, you’ll have pillow cases of candy that can last you through Christmas. Social media can work in a very similar way (ahem, as Halloween candy weight gain.) What you do now may not show up until Christmas. Sure, you may get a surge of activity when you start (let’s call it an online ‘sugar high’), but a lot of online marketing is gradual and builds over time. Your presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube – your business listings, reviews, website optimization and blogs – all of this will eventually get you a solid online presence. The goal is consistency – if you keep it up, you’ll see results in a few months … and more.

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The Boston Marathon Bombings and Social Media

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As most of you know already know, spectators and runners at the Boston Marathon were brutally and cowardly attacked on Monday afternoon.

Living in a world run by social media, most of the information spread yesterday were consumed by people on social networking sites, rather than the major news networks.

Over the course of the day, I relied on social media to provide me with information. These networks included Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, and Reddit. I know I wasn’t the only one. Here are the various uses of how I gathered information during this terrible incident:


Like most news nowadays, Twitter was spreading information on the incident well before the main television networks (CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, etc.) were talking about it. I personally found out about the bombing from this Facebook post from Deadspin.

The post was a picture from above the scene where the first bomb detonated. The photo came from Twitter user @theoriginalwak. The caption was fitting considering no one knew what happened at the time: “what the [blank] just happened?”

From there, I was able to follow the story through tweets of people that I know that were in Boston. I had an eye on my Twitter feed earlier in the day because of the Red Sox game going on and noticed that Ramsey Mohsen was tweeting pictures and video from his vantage point of the Boston Marathon. Mohsen is from Kansas City and was watching Ali Hatfield (also from Kansas City) race.

Sidenote: Ramsey Mohsen compiled all of his tweets, videos and pictures on his blog in chronological order.

Ramsey’s sister, Sarah, detailed how she got in contact with her brother to find out he was safe (who then communicated that information to her parents and friends) on her blog.

Twitter accounts such as the @BostonGlobe, @RunnersWorld, @AmalieBenjamin, and @GregHall24 (The Daily Kansan interviewed Greg and you can read about his story here) did a great job of providing a mix of first-hand accounts plus actual reporting and telling people where to and where not to go.

Here are just a few of the tweets that helped paint the picture for those outside of Boston:







Up until I went to college, I lived an hour and a half away from Boston. I have high school friends that now live in Boston and my brother occasionally goes to Boston for business trips. I was able to use Facebook to communicate with my parents to find out my brother wasn’t in the area. I was also able to find out that most of my friends in the area were either in their apartments or they were safely in lockdown in a business.


The first video I saw of the bombing came from the social network, Vine (which of course, I found on Twitter).


A Boston Globe reporter posted the first raw, unedited video of the bomb going off. It wasn’t uploaded onto to the Boston Globe server, but onto their YouTube page.


Google realized that people were looking for information on runners and spectators to see if they were okay. They opened up a system that allowed users to search for people by name and to note if they were safe, injured, missing or they hadn’t been accounted for. They posted this link on their Facebook and Twitter pages.


Reddit was constantly updating their main thread. Late Tuesday afternoon, they had six different threads full of sourced information. They mainly were able to aggregate all types of links from YouTube videos to tweets. They did a better job of organizing information than most main news sources.

Negative Comments and False Posts

Unfortunately, there are always some people who use tragedies like this to benefit themselves, to troll, or to just cause confusion. Fortunately, these people are in the minority.

Several people made up lies. One of the lies was about the child that passed away. They used photos of a girl saying she was running for Sandy Hook Elementary. This myth was debunked by the Joe Cassella Foundation on Facebook.

Other people used the attacks to talk about non-important issues like Barack Obama’s presidency, security at baseball games, social media posts from businesses, etc., and some people tweeted out blatant lies (e.g., the death toll). Gawker has a list of all the conspiracy theories.

Social Media’s Impact on the Tragedy

While there were certainly social media posts full of misinformation and deception, there was way more good that came from it. It serves as a reminder that social media is more than just posting funny pictures videos or updates about your life, it can be extremely informational and help people communicate important information.

There were moments when people couldn’t use a cell phone to make a call out of Boston on Monday. During that time, social media helped reassure people that their family members were okay and helped spread information that otherwise would not have been known.

It is in these moments when it is a good idea to be socially connected to the world because it might not only be the best way to communicate, but it could end up being the only way to communicate.

Tweeting a Brighter Future

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In a recent post, we applauded Pepsi’s innovative vending machine that dispenses beverages in exchange for Likes.  What’s cooler than this, though?  It wasn’t easy to find a worthy competitor, but we stumbled across something that’s just as awesome. Social media fans, meet ”Hundreds and Thousands,”  the LED tunnel fueled by tweets.

Our friends Down Under at Designworks and Benevolent Society teamed up to create this cutting edge light installation. Their idea is simple: the more you tweet, the brighter the light show. What’s more, though, is the message – or in this case, messages – that inspired the project.

Just as the name suggests, thousands of LED lights comprise the installation. However, the lights aren’t just there for decoration — they represent the hopes of thousands of Australians. For years now, the Benevolent Society has provided services that aim to improve people’s lives. And in the spirit of their mission, the organization invited natives to express their hopes for the future.

Using the #hopeforchange hashtag, the public can tweet a positive change they hope is achieved within the next 200 years. In return for their 140 character deposit, they’ll receive a beautiful  light show inspired by the dreams of a nation. If you weren’t already a believer, you can rest assured that social media is quite literally creating a brighter future!

With inventions like this light installation and Pepsi’s Like-fueled vending machine, it seems the applications for social media are limitless. So, what’s next? Cars powered by Instagram Likes, or how about free coffees in exchange for Facebook Shares? As writers and social media fanatics, we are particularly fond of the last idea.  Although we aren’t sure what social media has in store for us, we’re hopeful that it continues to help improve society, and if at all possible, is filled with the sweet aroma of freshly brewed coffee beans (*hint, hint*).

Want to learn more about social media? If so, stop by and check out our other blogs about the latest social media trends.