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As a blog writer for Turn the Page, let’s just say I’ve written a lot of posts this week finding some relevance to each unique TTP client‘s industry and the sweet holiday approaching us. So, I thought why not try and add one more to the list in the spirit of all things Halloween.

Here’s my attempt to tie Halloween and online marketing – and find nuggets of wisdom within this “spooktacular” holiday. After all, don’t we all want to “BOO”st Internet presence? Sorry, I couldn’t help myself…

At Halloween: The house who gives full-size candy bars is popular.
SEO Lesson: Go the extra mile with something unexpected.

If you go the extra mile for your clients and exceed their expectations, you’ll not only win their favor, but their loyalty, too. (You go back to that full-size candy bar giving house year after year.) How can you give pleasant surprises to those who do business with you? Start with a free coupon for those who stumble upon your Google Places listing. Or a fun “check-in” deal for someone who says they were at your business on Facebook.

At Halloween: Avoid slutty costumes. Especially as an adult.
SEO Lesson: Post professionally.

Simply put – have class when it comes to your social media. We realize that it’s “social” – however, you still represent a business. Make sure your tweets on the business Twitter account have to do with your positioning. Double-check that you’re using Facebook as a “page” if you’re making business comments. And this should go without saying – but ensure that anything that is posted on your YouTube channel is clean and professionally appropriate.

At Halloween: Some people like to be scared. Others hate it.

SEO Lesson: One size doesn’t fit all in online media, either.

There’s not “one formula” that will work for everyone – when it comes to just about everything. People are different. Some are thrill-seekers, others like to play it safe. So when it comes to marketing, some people will be all about your YouTube videos and interacting with you on Twitter. Others will rather check out your website and give you a call. To make sure you have a broad reach, have an online strategy so that people can comfortably learn about who you are, what you do, and contact you in their own style.

At Halloween: Free candy is a great way to meet the neighbors.
SEO Lesson: Use linking as a way to meet your neighbors.

If you’ve spent any time with Rob, Placher or Elisa – you probably know the power of a link. If you don’t – set up a meeting with them now. Linking strategy is huge in social media. Links to and from your website are a great way to build your online presence. Just like free candy gets you to knock on a stranger’s door – use the opportunity of link exchanges to pick up the phone, or email, that guy or gal you’d like to know and associate with.

At Halloween: Plan to be eating candy until Christmas.
SEO Lesson: What you do now may not show up until Christmas.

If you do trick-or-treating right, you’ll have pillow cases of candy that can last you through Christmas. Social media can work in a very similar way (ahem, as Halloween candy weight gain.) What you do now may not show up until Christmas. Sure, you may get a surge of activity when you start (let’s call it an online ‘sugar high’), but a lot of online marketing is gradual and builds over time. Your presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube – your business listings, reviews, website optimization and blogs – all of this will eventually get you a solid online presence. The goal is consistency – if you keep it up, you’ll see results in a few months … and more.

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