I’ve been working with Turn The Page for about a year now and I’m always impressed by the things they do for their customers. All that free liquor and endless submarine sandwiches…I’m probably not supposed to mention that.

Beyond that and even beyond the expertise that the entire team brings to the table, what continually impresses me is their customer service. It’s not even the traditional give and take relationship; they go further to make partners of their clients. It’s a true investment in the success of those partners. Yeah, client success is TTPs success but they want the pleasure they get from being a part of that success. It’s what drives them to stay on top of what is a daily changing environment, the online marketing space, and it’s not easy.

Each team member from top to bottom is in a constant learning marathon and as they hone their own crafts they contribute continually to the benefit of each partner.

Think about the diversity of their roster here. From landscaping to real estate, from medical technology to the legal space, heating and cooling, electronic cigarettes, automotive and fitness, the list is exhausting. So on top of the online marketing space they become experts at each customer’s business, each customer’s daily lives.

The entire staff of Turn The Page has to be social media experts, web developers, analytics wizards, email marketers, and knowers of all things SEO. They are continually in motion because personal visits are part of their customer service philosophy. If you don’t think that’s hard just look in their backseats to see the Sonic wrappers and Starbucks empties.

The investment each team member makes in their partner’s online progress is based on the extra mile and the extra time. It’s about education and patience, dedication and a lot of fun. The beatings are kept to a minimum because everybody just digs what their doing.

That’s what makes it work so well. And makes me write my cute little fingers off because I also go beyond just information for the clients that I write for. As a part of their team I want to ensure that anyone who visits a website comes away just a little smarter than when they got there. And may just prompt a phone call or a visit.

Because those submarine sandwiches don’t pay for themselves.

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