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It’s Okay to be Friends with Coworkers (It’s Actually a Good Thing)

It’s Okay to be Friends with Coworkers (It’s Actually a Good Thing)

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If you’re fans of TTP on Facebook, you know that we like to have fun. We get freaky on Fridays, dress up for holidays and regularly go out to lunch with one another. And this past week, we’ve had two major office-takeover pranks that have lightened the mood and sent the writers on an intense investigation to find the perpetrators. For a lot of us, our coworkers are our friends. And to many, this is very important.

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Life of a TTP Intern

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From “wobbly coffees” filled with rum to weekly office pranks, there was rarely a dull moment here at Turn The Page. A few months here gave me a much-needed break in my normal school routine while continuing to learn more than I imagined. I joined the TTP team just a few days after graduating with my bachelors degrees in Spanish and in Journalism with an emphasis in Strategic Communication. Before getting into what I’ve been doing here at Turn The Page, here’s a little bit about my marketing background.

My first internship experience was during the spring semester of 2012, where I traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina to work as an intern at a marketing company called Avant Garde Agencia. Avant Garde specializes in special event planning and guerilla marketing. It was an excellent experience, and I was able to work in both fields I love: communications and Spanish.

Directly after returning home from Argentina, I began working at Integrity Marketing Solutions, which is a company specializing in marketing for estate-planning and elder-law attorneys. Working at Integrity gave me an interesting perspective on working with a niche market and allowed me to work on a variety of tasks, from creating online magazines to tracking website stats.

And finally, this summer I began working at Turn The Page. I’ve always enjoyed writing, so I figured an internship here at TTP was the perfect way to put that skill to use. Aside from daily blogging, I learned how to optimize the content and choose the right topics to fit the audience for whom I was writing. Turn The Page challenged me to think strategically while exercising my creativity.

Many people have asked me what I liked most about working at TTP. While it’s hard to narrow it down to one aspect, there are a few that stand out to me. I have really enjoyed the freedom in working with a diverse group of clients. From auto-repair shops to hair salons to telecommunication companies, each day was presented with a challenge and an opportunity to perfect my writing.

I also appreciate the encouragement I received to produce great ideas that could improve business both internally and externally, even though I was just an intern. I took part in weekly “Think Tank” meetings, where I was able to not only learn more about the internal workings of the company, but also help work through current concerns and future developments.

Finally, I was also thrilled to be given the opportunity to use my Spanish this summer. Two of my favorite tasks were updating a client’s Facebook page for Spanish speakers as well as writing website content for another.

Until Next Time…

While I’m sad to say goodbye to my fellow Page Turners, I am excited to return to MIZZOU where I’ll pursue a Master of Arts in Journalism with an emphasis in Strategic Communication. I’m sure I’ll have my plate full, but it will be an exciting step. I owe a huge thanks each of the employees at Turn The Page for a great summer full of laughs and learning!