What a Website Can Do For You

A website is more than a pretty design with your company’s logo and tagline proudly displayed.

A website is a valuable tool in your company’s toolbox.

Your business has a unique set of products and services. Your team members have skills that set your business apart from the competition.

Why not show off those tools?

A website is one of the first items that potential customers check when considering your company. Show them why to turn to you. A dynamic, highly functional website serves as a tool for:

  • Sales
  • Gathering leads
  • Sharing information
  • Connecting people
  • and more!

How a Website Works For You

  1. Show off your work – Potential customers want to see what you do. An online portfolio lets you showcase your work. Whether you have photos, videos or content, you can use a portfolio to highlight your skills.

  2. Help people find you – Make sure people know how and where to find you — you won’t lose any business, because someone got lost trying to find you. Send them to the right location. Use an interactive map, place directions right on your page and offer parking information.

  3. Get connected – Are you posting on your company’s Facebook page? Are you connecting with customers through Twitter and LinkedIn? Your website is the hotspot for all of your social media profiles. Your company’s website is the main point of reference and leads visitors to the rest of your online presence. Share news articles, press releases and blog posts and display your feeds on your website.

  4. Store it all – Simplify your business process. Store certain documents to help customers and clients find what they need — when they need it. Store routinely sent forms, paperwork and documents.

  5. Be the expert – You know your industry. Your website is a tool to display your expertise. When visitors read the content (and blogs) on your site, they’re checking on your authority. They want to know if your company is credible and trustworthy. Your content influences what visitors think of you.

We’re always finding new ways to use websites in powerful ways. Stay tuned to our blog for more ways to use this tool to bring results to your business. If you’re ready to upgrade your toolbox with a custom website, contact Turn The Page to learn more.

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  • Having a website that can tell people who you are is very important because most people learn about you through searchs and your website is one of the first places they will look and see all about your business.

  • John Jarvis says:

    It is so vital these days to be listed somewhere online, a website is the perfect platform.

  • These are some really great ideas; I think that one of the most important features of your business should be the website because so much preliminary traffic goes there. To turn those visits into conversions, you want to have something that is quality, unique, and functional.

  • It’s so great to get your name out there and show off your projects on your website; it should be like an interactive portfolio of sorts. Allowing the users to navigate and relate to the company on a personal level AND select you for your business acumen in your industry.

  • Website maintenance and regular posting are the most challenging parts of keeping your website on top of the competition–that and branding. I feel like branding takes some time and energy well-spent networking person-to-person, but it’s something that will definitely couple nicely with your website.

  • Elaine Edeines says:

    A website is just another way to help brand your business too. Every outlet of communication should reflect your brand, the look, the feel, the voice, the personality, etc.

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