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Behind the Scenes of a Blog AKA 10 Ways Your Blog Works for Your Business

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A common question we get here at Turn the Page is: “Why does my business need a blog? What is the purpose?”

And the short answer is… well, there isn’t a short answer. That’s because a blog is a marketing workhorse that serves many purposes and is doing plenty of behind-the-scenes work for your business. Below are 10 ways a blog works for you – from delivering content that Google eats up like a newsflash to establishing authority in your industry, and everything in between. Read More

Blog Platforms

Stay in or be Social? Choosing the Right Blogging Platform for Your Business

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Thinking of starting your own blog, but worried the platform you choose might go the way of the dinosaurs? Or are you concerned that no one will read your content if it’s placed on your own website?

Exactly where to start your blog is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly or made hastily. With so many choices — integrating a blog on your own site, using an external blogging platform, or using new long-form options in social media — it’s key to understand and weigh all the benefits and drawbacks.

Is it best for your business to have an internal blog, ensuring more content is housed on your site, or more beneficial to place content on external platforms in hopes of increasing exposure?

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There are both pros and cons of being a homebody (internal blogs) vs. being a little more social (external platforms or long-form social options).

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How to generate better content and more traffic for your website

Why Nobody Reads Your Blog

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Mastering the “You Had Me at Hello”

What if I told you that your blog has 10 seconds to succeed or fail? I know, it’s harsh. Research has shown that web browsers often spend only about 10-20 seconds on a particular page before clicking on to the next (Nielsen Norman Group). That means the pressure is on to grab each reader’s attention in the first 10-20 seconds of skimming your blog. After you’ve gotten a reader to stay on the page for at least 20 seconds, the chances of them staying on the page long enough to read the whole blog post go up exponentially.

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How Content & SEO Should Intersect

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You’ve done it.

You’ve crafted your unique take on a topic and stitched sentences together. Really good sentences. Sentences you’d like to print out and hang on your refrigerator.

You’ve revised and rewritten — you’ve weeded out the typos and the weak words and your post is awesome. 

Bad news, though. It’s not over.

Crafting great content is half the battle. The other half is making sure people find it, read it, and respond to the message that is delivered.

That’s where Search Engine Optimization — SEO — comes in.

Content may be king, but coronation can only happen with a little behind-the-scenes help from its faithful steward, SEO.

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How Studying Shakespeare Benefits Bloggers

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Shakespeare wrote the most celebrated plays in the English language not because he sat down to create great art but because he had to pay bills. In this way, modern bloggers and content marketers are not such a far cry from Shakespeare. We make our living making words that speak to our audience and serve a purpose.

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How Emotional Content Can Revolutionize Your Content Marketing Strategy

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Remember the last viral video you watched on Youtube? Chances are, it made you laugh, cry, or get goosebumps. That’s because people are more likely to share content that creates a strong emotional response. In a world of information overload, creating content that resonates emotionally is key to breaking through and getting your message heard. Creating emotionally powerful content not only helps you get consumers’ attention; it also helps you to get them to act once you have it. After all, people make decisions (about, among other things, when and how to spend money) based on how a product makes them feel. That’s why it pays to create content that speaks to the heart rather than the head.

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Yahoo in Process of Buying Tumblr for $1.1 Billion

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If you like to casually browse the internet for videos, photos, music, blogs, and more, you are probably familiar with Tumblr.

Tumblr allows users to share anything and everything on a live feed. The site allows you to customize your dashboard with blogs you will be interested in. On your dashboard you can then comment on the blogs, reblog, and like posts that you find worthy. Similar to Twitter, tags are also created using hashtags (#). These hashtags are used to help other users find their post. For example, if this blog were being tagged on Tumblr I could use #Yahoo #Tumblr.

Added features for a user’s blog is the ability to use a custom domain name. For a blogger, editing your HTML coding to enhance the appearance of your blog helps it become more visible online and more appealing to readers.

Beginning a year ago this month, Tumblr began allowing advertisers to run campaigns on their site. Companies are also able to promote their posts to reach a larger audience. According to Lee Brown, Tumblr’s Head of Sales, the average ad purchase on Tumblr is just under six figures. Other sources of revenue include selling themes to those users who wish to improve the appearance of their blog. These huge sales are likely what got Yahoo’s attention. 

Yahoo in the process of buying Tumblr

Yahoo! Inc is in the process of purchase this growing blogging network for a very high price. This acquisition will cost Yahoo approximately $1.1 billion (pocket change, right?).

I assume Tumblr users hope to see little to no changes to the process of posting and sharing blogs. Users, along with Tumblr CEO, David Karp (only 26!), hope to not see Tumblr have the same fate as Geocities and Flickr. After Yahoo acquired these sites, they were neglected and “got lost” inside Yahoo.

Why is Yahoo buying Tumblr?

Yahoo CEO, Melissa Mayer, is choosing to make this aggressive move in an attempt to challenge Google and Facebook in the realm of social media. With around 108 million blogs, Yahoo is hoping to capitalize on this audience. With this purchase, Tumblr is expected to expand Yahoo’s audience by 50 percent.

In order to succeed, Yahoo will need to have a positive impact on a user’s experience. Things to avoid would be overwhelming users with ads and taking away Tumblr’s “cool factor”. Yahoo and Tumblr will now have to work together to keep the site interesting and its users active while inconspicuously increasing ad sales.

We should see this deal finalize by the end of the year, but possibly much sooner. So will Tumblr bloggers embrace this change or show resistance?

Free Topic Generators Aid Bloggers

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If you’re a professional writer, chances are there’s a huge demand for you to produce lots of riveting writing topics every work day. As online bloggers, this is a pressure we can identify with all too well. We understand that sometimes the hardest part of our job is creating an exciting topic, not writing the content. Writers, take heed! We stumbled across a few helpful writing resources that should be on your radar (and probably your bookmarks bar, too)!

Google Alerts

Although this isn’t technically a “topic generator,” it’s certainly an excellent resource for brainstorming. The beauty of this tool is that it allows you to hone in on pretty specific topics like money tips or even Kansas City restaurants (our personal favorite). Once you’ve created your Google Alerts, you’ll receive an email with the latest news articles about the topic of your selection. Sometimes, just scrolling through news headlines can lead to an aha moment. Something spark your interest? Read through the article, do some more research, and think of how you can add a unique spin on the topic.

It gets better, though! You can receive Google Alerts on a daily basis, so the brainstorming never has to stop. We suggest investing in a journal that you can dedicate to topic ideas. This will allow you to store away topics for future reference.  Oh, and did we mention that creating Google Alerts takes just minutes?

Content Idea Generator (V2)

Just as the name suggests, this tool is a “content generator.”  This isn’t just any tool, though. This is like the coolest Google Docs spreadsheet you’ve never seen! All you have to do is save a copy of the tool in your Google Drive, type your query in column B, row three, and press enter. Moments later, a list of news headlines from Google, Bing, Reddit, Digg, and a number of other sources will appear. This is a great way to brainstorm topic ideas and see what’s now trending.


For a more advanced experience, put on your boardshorts and surf Topsy for keyword-centric articles. Want to narrow your search? Select your specifications from the filters on the left-hand side of the screen. If you see a headline that piques your interest, click on the title to learn more information.

These tools don’t always provide the perfect blog topics, but they’re definitely a good starting point. So, next time you’re struggling to find a stroke of genius, head to the web for some inspiration! Stay tuned to learn more industry news.

Don’t Waste it: How to Make the Most of Your Company’s Blog

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So, you set up a blog for your business. You’re ready to start publishing blog posts, but how do you make sure this new blog is worth your time?

Your blog can be more than a few updates posted every few months. When used correctly, your business blog can provide you with leads, teach customers, inform readers of upcoming promotions, and connect you with business partners.

You can knock it out of the park by keeping a few pointers in mind as you develop your company’s blog.

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