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Google Search for Businesses Part 1: The Importance of Claiming and Optimizing Your Listing

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Welcome to our three-part series on Google Search for Businesses! We’ll share the whole series over the next week. Stay tuned for more!

If you’re a business owner, you’ve likely set up a Google business listing at some point. Your current business info on Google is not only the #1 source for your customers in finding your business and affecting your bottom line, but did you know that your listing also serves as a bullhorn to other business sites? Read More

smart phone and mouse on desk top with text fantastic apps for small businesses: part 1

Fantastic Apps for Small Businesses

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Running a business takes a lot of time, effort, and resources to be successful. Wouldn’t it be great if some sort of tools existed to make your life a little easier? We’ve got great news for you, because those tools do exist. We’ve put together a list of apps for a variety of small business uses. Here they are:

1. Trello for Project Management

Trello is an awesome platform to manage projects and deadlines. We use it to manage our blog posts — like this one. It has an easy-to-use interface that lets users categorize projects however they want on different boards. We have boards for ideas, blogs we’re writing, finishing touches like proofreading, blog promotion, and published blogs.

Users can create tasks, add checklists, and even add or remove team members from the tasks. Trello makes communication easy for team members with messaging within each task, and users have no excuses when it comes to receiving messages or not: Trello notifies users via email.

2. Google Drive for Data Storage

We use Google Drive for pretty much everything data-related. It lets users edit and port files from PCs to smartphones to tablets. Google Drive is a fully-featured office suite that acts as a full cloud drive, so you can store any file via a web interface or virtual drive app. Google apps is moving to repeat its success in small business webmail with cloud storage. The five free gigabytes of storage Google includes is just virtual icing on the digital cake.

3. Constant Contact for Email Marketing

Constant Contact makes email marketing seamless. You can use it to manage subscribers, and also create and optimize targeted email campaigns. The tool offers analytics so you can see how many people actually open your emails, and, more importantly, click from the email to your website. You can continually test and optimize your content and try new ways of doing things with that data.

Turn The Page uses these apps to make our lives just a little more efficient. We are freaky about results, and are always looking for ways to deliver. For more information on making your life just a little easier, call us at (816) 527-8371 or (844) 889-5001. Stay tuned for Part II of Fantastic Apps for Small Businesses!



How to Win the Super Bowl

How to Win the Super Bowl

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No matter the outcome of the game this year, marketing will surely be a big winner, yet again. But the Super Bowl isn’t just for the big boys. Brands of all sizes can get it on the fun – and cash out along the way. You know your customers will be watching the game, so why not take advantage of a valuable marketing opportunity? We’ve got two quick tips for you to do just that.

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Why Every Entrepreneur Should Work in Customer Service at Least Once

Why Every Entrepreneur Should Work in Customer Service at Least Once

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Customer service. Everybody hates it, yet everybody needs it (unless, of course, you’ve disavowed all human relations, sworn off technology and ceased communication with the outside world, in which case, how are you reading this?). And yet every single entrepreneur, from the beginners to the more seasoned, should take on a customer service roll at least once in their lives. Being on the front lines, communicating directly with clients, is an invaluable experience for anyone, business owners especially.

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Put the “Happy” Back in Your Employees’ Holidays

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‘Tis the season where we’re all wishing each other “Happy Holidays” and spreading good cheer, but are you doing everything you can to ensure that your employees actually are happy? Work environment can be a major factor in employee satisfaction and as masters of freaky fun, we’d like to pass along some of our wisdom.

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