Protecting Your Business from Scams

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Have you received a phone call at your business only to realize it was a scam? Google is fighting back against scammers who call businesses in their name and we’ve provided tips on how you can protect your company against these scammers as well:

Phone scammers will often use Google’s name to trick business owners. They will claim that they can raise your Google Ranking or they’ll ask you to pay for services that Google provides for free.

Google Fights Back

Google is taking steps to protect businesses from these scammers, including:

  • The Google Partners Program lets businesses know who they can trust to manage their online listings. (Turn The Page is a Google Premier Partner!)
  • Providing education for small business organizations so they can provide outreach to their community and help businesses avoid, identify, and report scams.
  • Finding Google accounts tied to scams so that Google can better identify scammers and remove them from Google entirely.
  • Suing scammers to send the message that Google will not hesitate to take legal action.

While Google fights back against scammers on their end, there are measures you can take as a business owner to protect your company against scams.

Protect Your Business

There are a few tricks you can use to identify scams from the minute you pick up the phone:

  • Know what’s possible with SEM. Turn The Page keeps you informed of all of Google’s updates and changes, so scammers will never take you by surprise with a false service.
  • Claim your Google My Business account and manage it regularly so that scammers are less likely to call. TTP offers services to claim, manage, and update your GMB on a regular basis.
  • The minute you hear a robotic call service, HANG UP. Do not press any buttons or answer any questions.
  • Verify if someone is actually from Google by asking them to send you an email from a Google account. Anyone working at Google should have an email. (Gmail is not enough!)
  • All unwanted scams calls should be reported to Google and the FTC. These organizations value your security and will take legal action against scam organizations.
  • Educate your employees by teaching them how to recognize scammers and guide employees on how to handle sensitive company information.

Looking for a trustworthy company to manage your online listings? Get ahead of the competition by calling (816) 527-8371 or contact Turn The Page today!

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