How to Win the Super Bowl

How to Win the Super Bowl

No matter the outcome of the game this year, marketing will surely be a big winner, yet again. But the Super Bowl isn’t just for the big boys. Brands of all sizes can get it on the fun – and cash out along the way. You know your customers will be watching the game, so why not take advantage of a valuable marketing opportunity? We’ve got two quick tips for you to do just that.

Get on Social MediaFootball Fans

At TTP, we are always telling you how important social media is. We aren’t lying to you. And one of the golden rules of social media is to keep it relevant. Commenting on the ads and the game, itself, is a great way to connect with your followers, and a timely response is key. In a matter of moments (or days, if you’re lucky), people will move on to the next “big thing.” Remember when Oreo tweeted that photo during the blackout at the Superdome? They did it swiftly and effectively. Every live broadcast event has the potential for marketable moments like that. You wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to get your brand’s name out there.

Run a Promo

Everybody loves a good promotion. Businesses can try running one that works in favor of clients, no matter who wins the game. After all, unless you’re in Seattle or New England, it’s probably not a good idea to alienate any potential customers. Some people get worryingly invested in football teams.

And since you’re getting on social media during the game (riiiiight?), you could even go all-out and create a whole list of promos with an if/then scenario. If the Seahawks win the coin toss, then you get free chips with your sandwich. If the Patriots are the first to score, BLTs are half off. It’ll keep people monitoring your social media pages and get them in the door, come Monday.

Enlist the Help of Turn The Page

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