As you examine your social media goals for 2013 you may feel like you’re making a plan and then watching it unfold. But the reality is that social media isn’t something you can just send out and then go back to work. It demands attention. And the kind of attention it wants is personal attention. Sort of like me.

So keep these things in mind when you “put it out there” as my grandma would say:

-When a post goes up and a comment is made answer it. Nobody wants to shout into the darkness. You’ll be amazed how much insight you’ll get with interaction.

-If a negative comment comes up don’t delete or even worse, ignore it. Answer it, address the problem and promise to do better.

-When a Tweet gets reTweeted say thanks, note who sent it and follow them. ReTweet other interesting content as well as your own.

-Thank your customers from time to time. A public thank you will draw new customers. And it’s simply good manners.

-Be funny-everyone likes a good laugh and humorous content is more likely to be shared. A man sits at bar and the bartender says, “Try the peanuts, they’re complimentary.” So he looks into the bowl and a peanut says, “You look very nice today.” Get it? Now share this blog.

Be broad. It’s not just about you and your business. So go beyond how great your pies or widgets or blankets with sleeves are.

-Be helpful. Offer useful information. Are you a landscaper? Offer advice on how we all need to be watering our yard this winter to save our trees.

-Generate new content continuously. This means posting regularly.  It also means adding a new blog post every week at the minimum. Blogs don’t have to be long but watch your typos, grammar and don’t steal other people’s content.

Social media efforts require interaction, just like customers do. Your goal is to make more customers so creating a dialogue, attracting visitors and then making them happy is the circle of life of social media. So pay attention and hakuna matata or something.

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