Why Images Have a Place in Content Marketing

In an online world where content is king, it is clear that visuals have a spot near the throne. Businesses have begun to grasp the power of the image, using sites like Instagram and Pinterest to improve their brand identity.

Content marketing professionals have been using pictures with blogs and email newsletters since the online content movement took hold, but it is time to shift our focus. Eye tracking studies show that while some images entice viewers to read the content, others may distract them and point them away from the page. The image you choose is more than a design component- it can make or break the reader’s experience.

To see why choosing the right image is so critical, we will take a look at the boom in image marketing on sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

U.S. consumers who use Pinterest follow an average of 9.3 retail companies on Pinterest, compared to 6.9 retailers on Facebook and 8.5 on Twitter. Businesses are reaching consumers right where they spend time online, using striking images, inviting users to share their pictures, and creating clever phrases.

So, we know that businesses can use image marketing to form a brand community. What about driving business with the use of visuals? According to BlogHer, 47% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from Pinterest. Online image sites can be used to drive increased interaction and sales.

If the image is so powerful when used on image-focused sites, shouldn’t we capture the power of the picture in our content marketing?

Using images to attract readers and enhance your written content is a process that takes some practice to make perfect. Using images the right way can create a brand image, make your viewer feel like an insider, and make your information easier to understand. Remember that sticking any image on your site will not necessarily help readers. The best way to use visuals is to make them meaningful to viewers.

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