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SEO and PPC: each has its own merits when it comes to online marketing, but it is becoming more and more clear that a combined SEO and PPC approach has even greater benefits. PPC provides a great way to get a company’s product or website seen, but it’s important that the ad is working to drive consumers to exactly what they are looking for at the right time. That’s where SEO comes in.

Untapped Possibilities in PPC

While PPC ads are a useful tool, evidence shows that about 70%-80% of searchers show preference to organic clicks, or unpaid search results, over paid ads. Google differentiates organic search from paid search by placing the paid results in a highlighted section at the top of the page, with the organic results below them. Some experts point to this preference to organic search as being due to an enormous amount of organic traffic in the consumer’s undecided phase–that is, when consumers are searching for things like, “top bicycle brands.” However, when a consumer is ready to buy, paid search works remarkably well in getting monetized conversions. The key thing to look at here is the opportunity to dip into that undecided phase to find new opportunities to get consumers to convert.

help you create a clear and well-developed brand identity

How can SEO help?

An important part of SEO is establishing your brand as an expert or leader in your industry. That means consistently providing high-quality content that consumers will eventually begin to recognize and come back to again and again. The truth is that consumers are much more likely to click on your ads if they know your brand. The essential first step in SEO is to do thorough keyword research on what terms and phrases people are searching for in your industry. This will allow you to write engaging and useful content on those topics.

Creating and sharing relevant and quality content is an ideal way to promote your website. However, doing this can take time. Using PPC will help you spread this quality content more quickly and get it seen by consumers who might never have seen it otherwise. In other words, you can use PPC to promote your content. This Moz article provides some useful information on how to use AdWords to figure out how to focus your combined SEO and PPC efforts by using each method’s strengths.

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Hone Your PPC & SEO Strategy

Navigating through PPC and SEO can be time-consuming and confusing, especially for those with little experience in online marketing. The online marketing experts at Turn The Page can help. Call us today at (816) 527-8371 or (844) 889-5001 to learn more.

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