Underused Social Media Platforms for Business

Underused Social Media Platforms for Business

The social media world has evolved from online journals to “Who’s in my Top 8?” to platforms only college students could use to something everyone could use.  Businesses of every shape and size and diverse industries have scrambled to get on the latest social trends. It’s paid off for some of them, like in Wendy’s beef with Burger King, or IHOP calling McDonald’s out on its notion that all-day breakfast was a new concept.

It seems like every day new platforms come into the limelight, but only some of them have proven to be beneficial for businesses. Here’s a list of social networks we think could be useful to businesses.

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Periscope for Interactive Webinars and More

Periscope is a video app that makes it possible for anyone to live stream anything — much to the chagrin of promoters for Floyd Mayweather’s boxing match against Manny Pacquiao last year. We love Periscope because it enables us to broadcast our lunch ‘n’ learn presentations to a wide audience that can ask questions and comment on what’s happening on the touchscreen.

Periscope will automatically share the live stream to your Twitter, where users can go and watch the content for the next 24 hours. This brings a sense of urgency to the content, allowing you to tap into people’s Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).

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Snapchat for a Limited Time

If you’ve ever watched teenagers play with their phones, chances are they’ve been Snapchatting. Snapchat is unique in that it allows users to share photos and other messages, which their followers can see one time. Then it vanishes into thin air, or whatever you call the digital afterlife.

Snapchat does offer paid ads for businesses who want to reach a broad audience, but it works especially well for companies that cater to a younger audience.

Instagram to Share Your Brand Image

Another underused social media is Instagram. What started out as hipsters sharing Polaroid-esque photos with fancy filters has transformed into a network that businesses — especially ones with image-heavy content — can take full advantage of to spread brand awareness. Many businesses are obviously taking note, as Instagram recently announced that it has more than 200,000 advertisers in over 200 countries.

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Instagram is a great way to target millennials and a younger audience, too, just make sure your images are appealing to that audience. We especially recommend Instagram posting and advertising for retailers (everyone loves some outfit inspiration!), beauty brands, and restaurants (mouth-watering images = full seats at the dinner table).

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