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Snapchat Advertising Now Has Ad Tracking!

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A while back, we discussed the burgeoning new way to connect with a whole new set of people to market to — Snapchat users. The idea of using Snapchat to advertise was more a piece of marketing to get followers and develop a continual interest in your business. At the time Snapchat was first available, about five or so years ago, it seemed to only appeal to Gen Y and Z (I use Gen Y because the term Millenial gives this group a bad rep now). Now, we see everyone on there, grandparents snapping to their grandkids, parents snapping their friends and family, etc. Read More

Why Your Business Needs to Be on Snapchat (Infographic)

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If your business isn’t on Snapchat now, it needs to be. Trying to appeal to about a huge chunk of the population is going to be pretty tough if you’re only getting out a tweet or two a week — Twitter is withering away and Snapchat is taking over. It might seem like a gimmick or give the appearance that your business is trying to be “cool,” but it will prove more effective marketing-wise than you think. Read More

Underused Social Media Platforms for Business

Underused Social Media Platforms for Business

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The social media world has evolved from online journals to “Who’s in my Top 8?” to platforms only college students could use to something everyone could use. ┬áBusinesses of every shape and size and diverse industries have scrambled to get on the latest social trends. It’s paid off for some of them, like in Wendy’s beef with Burger King, or IHOP calling McDonald’s out on its notion that all-day breakfast was a new concept.

It seems like every day new platforms come into the limelight, but only some of them have proven to be beneficial for businesses. Here’s a list of social networks we think could be useful to businesses.

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