Snapchat Advertising Now Has Ad Tracking!

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A while back, we discussed the burgeoning new way to connect with a whole new set of people to market to — Snapchat users. The idea of using Snapchat to advertise was more a piece of marketing to get followers and develop a continual interest in your business. At the time Snapchat was first available, about five or so years ago, it seemed to only appeal to Gen Y and Z (I use Gen Y because the term Millenial gives this group a bad rep now). Now, we see everyone on there, grandparents snapping to their grandkids, parents snapping their friends and family, etc.

Snapchat Ads Overview

Snapchat’s advertising has evolved over the past year-and-a-half by constructing an ad format that is more alluring to brand advertisers while also adding Facebook-esque targeting options that incorporate more data into how ads are aimed. It also has measurement deals with Moat and Nielsen, among others, to give help brands get a better idea of what people are buying. It’s easier for small and medium size brands to buy its ads through an advertising API and a self-serve ad-buying tool.

Where Snapchat Falls Short

Snapchat ads are still fairly new and the opportunity to expand ad reach there is exciting. However, many advertisers who are interested in expanding don’t because the buyers’ cannot see how their campaigns will impact their bottom line or compare to ads on other platforms.

You Can Track Ads Now

On August 1st, Snapchat brought out a program allowing third-party measurement firms to track their ads’ impact on a brand’s sales. It also includes that data in the dashboards that so that marketers can use it to evaluate where they’re spending their money and where they’re getting the best value. This measurement program will work across all of the mobile app’s ad formats, will track campaigns’ return on ad spend and sales lift. Now marketers can compare how Snapchat ads are fairing versus on other platforms.

The program is rolling out just as retailers are getting ready for the holiday season and looking at how much they want to spend on advertising in 2018. This could make a huge impact on how marketers advertise after the holidays. However, we shall just have to wait and see.

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