It’s always good to share. I used to encourage my cube mate, Gabe, to share his Cheetos. He was so nice that he would even share with me when he wasn’t even there. I miss Gabe.

Last post we talked about blogging for your small business. But like the saying about a tree falling in the forest does anyone read your blog if they don’t know it’s there? Does that metaphor even apply here?

Sharing your blog post only makes sense. Think of your advertising; you wouldn’t write an engaging ad and then just put it on your front window, would you? So writing a blog and not promoting it is the same. There, I got that metaphor right.

Here are a few suggestions on sharing your fabulous, informative and engaging business blog:

Hootsuite. Do you have it? Get it. It’s the best way to quickly share your blog on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn simultaneously. One cool thing about using Hootsuite is that you can control the images. If you’ve ever posted on Facebook and some random photo shows up with the post you’ll get what I mean.

Be sure and share to your Facebook business page and not your personal page. Facebook’s Edgerank ranking algorithm favors posts that get lots of attention. So your business page may not show up in very many streams. So post to your business page and then share it on your personal page. It’s a sneaky way to get more page follows.

You might think posting to LinkedIn is like posting in the wind but it’s a nice way to reach a lot of people easily. It’s also a way to get a little gravitas since your Facebook post may just be sandwiched in between Farmville and the Top Chef page posts in a newsfeed.

Don’t forget Google +. You may have read posts here and there on this site bemoaning the lack of humanity on G+ but hey, it’s free advertising and with Google’s new search engine chemistry you may just improve your page ranking.

Since Hootsuite doesn’t yet share to G+ you’ll need to do a bit of work here. But it’s similar to your Facebook posting so you’ll get used to it. You’ll paste your blog url into your brand page feed and choose the image that you want to go with it

This is the fun part: paste the whole blog into the box. Say what? This is just a way to get people to read your blog without having to leave the site. If you’re compelling and interesting you might bring some traffic but for now you just want to be heard. You can even format the post to make it look pretty.

You’re also doing this because Google uses content from G+ in searches. So if you’ve got the appropriate keywords in your post you’ll be found in searches. Neato! Share this with all of your circles and then go into your personal page and share again. Share and share alike is the key here.

So there you go. Once again our mothers were right. Sharing is caring. Or at least sharing might just make you care about the extra attention you may get as a result of all this sharing.

If you’ve read this far and don’t have a company Facebook page, don’t know a Hootsuite from a hootnanny and think G+ is what a heavy burlesque dancer wears it’s time to call Turn The Page Online Marketing. We can take your company from 0-60 on the social media highway and we specialize in small business. So let us help you with all of this social media stuff and you can get back to what you do best.

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