INFOGRAPHIC: New Google Search Results Page: What Your Small Business Needs to Know

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Forget Facebook’s new Reactions. That’s not the biggest change in online marketing this week by a long shot.

Just when you think you know Google, the search engine giant decides to change up how it displays results.

We blogged about the change to the local listing pack — formerly known as the 7-pack — back when it was rolled out in August. Now, Google has given itself another makeover, creating a sleeker Search Engine Results Page (SERP) with some notable change-ups.

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Here’s what you should know about Google’s new look — and its implications for your online marketing efforts.

Google Search Engine Results Page

Major Google SERP Changes for February 2016

In a nutshell, here are the notable SERP appearance changes to note:

  • Four ads now appear above the “Snack Pack” of local listings (previously, it was three)
  • There are no more sidebar ads, meaning ad space on the page is much more limited
  • The first organic search result appears further down the page, directly under the Snack Pack

So, How Does This Impact My Online Marketing?

Our PPC team has weighed in on how these SERP changes will affect businesses currently using Google AdWords — and those that aren’t.

With a number of ad slots eliminated (bye-bye, right side ads!), cost-per-click on many keywords will be up. On the bright side, click-through-rates should increase on the ads in positions 1-4, given the lower number of ads. PPC advertisers with higher budgets will likely benefit the most — so if you’re currently using AdWords, you should consider upping your budget.

If you’re not currently running PPC campaigns, it may be time to start doing so, as organic prominence is weaning given the Snack Pack reduction and the lower position of organic results. And you should also be sure that you’ve established a strong local presence to increase your likelihood of appearing in the Snack Pack. This includes creating and maintaining your local listings.

If you’re not engaging in ANY form of SEO/SEM — on-page, off-page, or pay-per-click — then you are even less likely to be found by potential customers.

Let’s Talk.

Worried Google’s new look won’t be so great for your business? Turn The Page can help you take advantage of these changes and take the right steps to increase your organic and local presence.

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